I was once a Pirate, arghh

Back in 2009 I had opened a new youtube account so I could post my favorite The Amanda Show clips. It all started when I wanted to find a particular video to share online called Meet The Literals. It was nowhere to be found anywhere on youtube so when the TV show came on again, I was watching it till I found that skit so I recorded it by holding my camera up to the TV and holding it still. Then I uploaded it to youtube and shared it online. I decided to upload my other favorite clips and kept recording my favorite ones and uploading them.

I knew what I was doing was against their TOS but lot of users did it anyway and would even get away with it. I got lot of subscribers and I started to get requests so I was starting to do them when I started to get hit with copyright infringements and my video being removed. I wouldn’t upload it again. Then after several times my account closed. That was it. I wasn’t upset. I didn’t bother opening up another account again to re upload it because it would have been a pain. I wasn’t getting money for it and I wouldn’t want to anyway because it’s not right to make money off of other peoples content and back then people just uploaded content, they didn’t get any money for it until youtube started the ads thing and decided to have users make money off their content from ads. I am not sure when that started. But you need to have around 10,000 subscribers to qualify.

Why am I saying this, because I know people who steal content and re upload it probably create a new account because they know they could get caught, get a violation of the TOS and have their account be terminated. Then they can just open a new account if they want to go through all that pain again of posting everything. My husband says they also use fake names to avoid getting caught. I told him what could possibly happen to them, their accounts would just get suspended and they can open another one and re upload again.

I also used to download music from Kazaa, and that often gave you viruses because sometimes a song file would have it. I also used Limeware because it was better and a sharing program. I would then burn it to blank discs and that was how I saved money. I stopped doing it in my mid twenties when I started to find any song on YouTube to listen to. Now there is Pandora and Spotify.

Why would people buy porn and then upload it somewhere else? Because they see it as theirs and think they can do whatever they want with it. So they share it but they use a premium upload service and get money for it. They may upload it to a freebie porn site but what is worse, a premium share file site or a freebie site?

They probably see it as trading their game to Gamestop and they resell it or they do a yard sale or they go on Facebook and sell their game they no longer want. But however, that isn’t the same thing, they are not copying the game and reselling copies of it. Buying digital stuff and then reuploading it is wrong. It’s fine for your own personal use like if you upload it to your google drive or put it on a one drive folder for back up and to keep it safe because you don’t want to risk losing that video in case something goes wrong with your computer. But you don’t share it to the public. Technically that is violating the TOS but just as long as you don’t share it, video won’t get reported for abuse.

People have always shared what they bought and companies would try to tackle it. Gaming companies have decided to troll pirates when they copy their games so items get lost, graphics get all scrambled while the character keeps moving, the file will randomly erase right before you beat the final boss, game randomly crashes. Even Nintendo has done stuff like this too. In this one game, they had it be you are about to beat the game and the game freezes and when you reset the game, file is erased. All that work for nothing. That is why I will not buy pirated games and I steer clear of any games from China since they are known for selling knock off items and fake stuff. If I see a game for insanely cheap, I won’t buy it because it’s too good to be true and it can be a fake. I would rather see pirated games as previews, you play it and like it, get the actual copy. I once found a bunch of pirated games at a gaming convention and the man was just giving them away for free and lot of them didn’t even work. They were all Superman for GBA. I found one that worked and took it but I don’t expect it to functional 100%. I have even bought Wario Ware Gold at a used game store because I had it on my modded 3DS with a bunch of piracy games and I know those files can corrupt and I lose the game so it’s better to just buy the real copy. Plus I am not computer smart and not tech smart so all this is far too advanced for me. I have Gamefly for a reason and I pay $16 a month to try games and if I don’t like them, I send them back for another one. Maybe that is how pirates see it when they buy content and re upload it. They maybe see their files they share on a website as their resale store. I am guilty of buying games used because they cost less money and I like to be frugal. But I will buy the game brand new if I want it that bad. I won’t wait to get it from Gamefly to try it because it will be so popular, it will be very hard to get because it will be low availability.

Even companies that would make computer games would require you to have a book to put in a special code. Stunts was like that, and so was The Incredible Machine. But if you lost the book, you were screwed so we couldn’t play Stunts anymore when we lost the book. It was a fun game we always played.

I also remember my parents loaning out our computer games to their friends so they could put it on their computer and they would return the software. My parents also borrowed Student Writing Center from my Dad’s friend and they installed it onto their Windows 3.1 computer. That was why PC games now required discs to be inserted for programs to play. Now companies will put a feature in on their discs to keep it from playing if it is copied. Playstation did that. Some DVD players won’t play copied discs. Some won’t record movies either. I tried playing a recorded movie on my parents DVD player and the graphics were scrambled. Now I think you can buy PC games online now from Microsoft or from Apple store because I don’t see any PC games being sold in stores anymore, now they are all online. I think that was their way of tackling sharing. But there will still be pirates who will find a way to copy the game and have it uploaded somewhere else and people can download it for free.

Netflix had also tackled account sharing because they now do limited screens. You can now watch up to 4 screens because they know people will share their accounts. We share ours with my parents and my inlaws and we shared it with my brother until he decided to get his own.

As my online friend has said, pirates will always win.

Lot of people see their bought content as their own so they will repost it online. Even if they are giving credit to the person but it is still stealing because they they won’t make any money from it anymore.

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