I haven’t used the toilet since last summer

It’s been going very well. It’s not too hard to mess my diapers and my body is still on a timer for when not to mess because it seems to know when I am out in public with people around which is good. But I am still dealing with the urges and then it comes out when I am alone.

I was once at Gamestop when the urge hit but I didn’t mess my diaper until I got home and another time when I went to a play with my son for his field trip, the urge slightly hit but it came and went. Then finally back at school I was waiting in my car when the urge got very strong so I messed my diaper. This stuff is normal for me.

So it’s just all been diapers, no toilets. I still have my Red Bulls and that also makes me mess and I notice if I do a couple days without, I get massive head aches and I also don’t poop either unless I have caffiene. With the outbreak now, I have been drinking more diet pop and more Crystal Light to substitute for Red Bulls because our state went into quarantine. Now only essential places are open and you can only leave the house for essential reasons and we can still go out for walks or go to hiking trails. I think that is stupid because those places are always crowded. Everyone wants to do something out of the house so they go out to places where there are no people but, here is the thing. Everyone has the same idea so hiking trails have been crowded, even beaches are crowded that some of the towns had to shut down their resorts and hotels and RV and campsites to kick out tourists. Plus they told them to leave or get arrested.

Another thing about this outbreak is my family was struggling with toilet paper because we ran out and I had to bring some home from work from the restrooms I cleaned. They were just used rolls that had been replaced with new rolls. My parents could not find any toilet paper and this was not something I thought about because I wear diapers and don’t use toilet paper. But then I heard about shortage on wipes so I had to run to the store and get a case before they were all gone. But all the cases were gone so all they had left were single packs or small packs so I grabbed 3 packs of wipes, the cheapest, and went home. That should last me a few months because it takes me a while to go through a whole case of wipes. Plus I had to go on Amazon to order another tub of 16 oz Desitin because I saw there was also a shortage on rash cream and I was running low on mine. That also lasts me a while too.

Getting toilet paper has become getting a new gaming system because people now have to leave early and wait in line for toilet paper and stores have each pack limited 1 per customer. My dad had to get up early and go to Albertsons at 7am and get a pack and it cost him $24 because he had to get the expensive ones because they barely had any and he picked up the first one he saw. I don’t even have to worry about any of this but my family does because they don’t wear diapers.

I also got a Tykables subscription and every 3 months I will cancel and them resume when I run low of diapers. My last Tykables case lasted me two months because their diapers hold so much I can go from day one to day 2 without a change and then I need a clean diaper, not because it will leak but because it starts to smell. Unless I mess, then I will need a new diaper sooner. But because they ship every 28 days, I will be having lot of diapers so I would need to cancel my subscription and then resume it or else I will get buried in diapers and pretty soon our house will look like a hoarder house with diapers because I don’t use them fast enough. I use the base subscription because I don’t need all 6000 ml diapers.

I still have bladder control in case you’re wondering. I still am aware of my bowels. I’m pretty sure everyone in the household is aware I am toilet free because I never use the toilet and I am only in the bathroom when I shower or brush my teeth or clean them.