Positive things the Corona Virus has done

Gotta think positive as I was always told when bad stuff happens.

  1. We have been saving money on gas so I still have gas in my car about 1/2 when I normally fill it about 2-3 times month, I think 2 now that both my kids go to the same school.
  2. We have been saving money on school lunches so we have extra $110 a month and plus that money they still had on their lunch account will still be there when school resumes.
  3. My kids have been playing outside now, they are stuck at home and can’t go anywhere so they have been playing outside on the swing set and running around and eating outside and playing with the dog out there we have been watching on week days.
  4. More jobs have opened, now with high demand now in food and products and more people buying online and ordering pizza and take out, places have been hiring more workers. So if you have been laid off, go out and apply if you need money.
  5. Taxes deadline have been extended and so has the local Art Tax.
  6. Some places are putting mortgages and foreclosures and evictions on hold.
  7. People don’t have to return their library books to our local library and there will be no late fees either. They do not want any books being returned either until after.
  8. Parents will be able to spend time with their kids and do stuff at home together. Me and my son played video games yesterday.
  9. Fred Meyer is doing sales, I mean what the heck, this is a crises and they are doing sales to encourage people to shop for wants? I am not sure how I feel about businesses using this virus to make more money.
  10. Onward got released early to home video; digital and on Disney Plus.
  11. Gameloft decided to gift us Disney Magic Kingdoms players 3 Sapphire chests due to the quarantine so that got me to welcome Laurel earlier.
  12. Video game sales have increased and so has alcohol.
  13. No more rush hour in my area.
  14. I was able to go across the street from my house and mail my Gamefly game in the mail box because of less cars on our road. I didn’t have to get in my car and go to a blue mail box 2 miles from my home to mail it off.
  15. Pedestrians can now order at the drive thru.
  16. People have found “clever” ways to have fun at home, hashtag “stuckathome” on twitter.
  17. More houses are being cleaned by the homeowners or tenants.
  18. Places like Facebook, ebay, Amazon have banned price gouging so they will remove any listing doing it. Report if you see it.
  19. And of course this will become part of our history and might be like The Great depression except it was caused by a virus we knew nothing about and no medicine had ever been made to treat it and how people didn’t take this seriously so they kept going out, got infected and got sick and some of them died. The ones who did go out and work would be seen as heroes.

Things I am hoping that will happen thanks to this virus:

  1. People will realize how being a store clerk, stocker, packager, working in the kitchen is just an important job as any other job out there.
  2. People will realize how important national healthcare is because shit can happen and you need medical care when something happens that is out of your control
  3. People will realize what an idiot Trump is and how incompetent he is as a president and down playing this virus and hopefully people will vote against him this coming election.
  4. All bills get put on hold and it will only apply to people who have lost their jobs related to this virus and they would need a letter about it. Capitalism will resume when this all blows over.
  5. People learn how to have fun at home and learn they can interact online like on Skype or on Facebook or talk on the fricken phone again. Maybe people will get landlines again or go to a phone plan with unlimited minutes.
  6. More movie releases will happen digital and go on stream or go on cable or satellite to rent because all the movie theaters are closed.
  7. People might change their perspective and how they feel about working from home and it stops being stigmatized.
  8. More places outlaw price gouging, 34 states already have a law against it so far but that only applies to emergency situations and for certain products. I also hope airlines will stop being allowed to do it too.

And there is the bad too and other possible changes this virus might do. I get a feeling the state gov. will shut down our state and order everyone to stay home and fines will be given if caught in the streets unless you have a good reason to be out like if you have a doctor’s appointment, if you need food or if there is some emergency or if it’s business related. People just won’t stay home and they are treating this like it’s a vacation and early summer break. I don’t know if I should call this a positive change because this may only happen because of people being ignorant and this wouldn’t have to happen if everyone just stayed home and businesses would close on their own because of lack of customers. The country or state wouldn’t be forcing them to shut down. Some business have shut down on their own because they want people to stay home, not encourage them to keep going out and they don’t want to spread the virus and get their own workers sick.

Some towns on the beach have already shut down basically by closing all their hotels and resorts and camp and RV sites and telling everyone to get out or be arrested because people wouldn’t stop traveling there to vacation. But sadly that will just move them. If all small towns did that, then people wouldn’t be able to travel and they would stay home, same as if all the hotels shut down all over the states and resorts, everything. Then people wouldn’t be able to travel because of no place to stay. I am sure their intention was to get away from people but instead lot of people had the same idea and all went to the coast only to be spreading the virus there so now people there are mad and had an emergency meeting.

Look, if you want to be away from everyone, STAY HOME. It’s that simple.

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