The whole world is pretty much shutting down and my parents have quarantined themselves because of their age and my mom has a weak immune system. Her birthday is pretty much cancelled because they are doing nothing for their birthday but I am thinking of getting a cake or something for them.

My brother has his wedding in September and it’s too soon to tell. But so far my state has shut down the schools till April 28th so I like the fact I don’t need to get up at 6 anymore but I wonder if my son will still have his therapist appointment this Friday. I will still make them do school work so they are still getting their education in. I honestly think school work should be mailed to each student so they won’t get far behind and won’t have to cancel summer vacation. Just today I hear all the restaurants and bars got shut down so basically St. Pat’s Day was cancelled and they even cancelled the Shamrock Run.

I went to my Union meeting this weekend and only very few workers showed up and they had chairs spread apart and they had so much snacks left over, they told us upon leaving to take as much as we want.

People are being laid off now and some workers are lucky to have the privilege to work from home. I am lucky to even still be working despite that daycares had shut down but if people stop coming into work and work from home and they cancel all conferences, there won’t be any more work for us and and I am planning on applying for temporary work at Amazon or at a grocery store or department store with food since they are in high demand for more workers because of the pandemic.

But I am so glad there are still diapers available and people aren’t panic buying diapers that ware houses can’t keep up but there are shortage on wipes. Luckily you can still buy some on Amazon but all the Pampers and Huggies are all sold out.

This Sunday we got snow and I was honestly hoping for a few inches so the city will shut down so everyone will stay home. But once the flakes stopped, the snow melted and now everything is dry again and zero snow. My kids got to play in it while there was still snow and they made a tiny snow man before it all melted. I even went to the store in the heavy snow and got some baby wipes and they were all out of cases. All they had were packs so I grabbed 3 small packs and an energy drink and went home and ordered a 16 oz container of Desitin on Amazon since I was running low on it.

I honestly think people are over reacting and even medical professionals are saying healthy people don’t need to wear masks. Even they are saying people are over reacting and Dr. Phil is saying the same too. While I am fine with places shutting down, I still think the way people are panic buying is an over reaction. It’s not like stores will sell out or that they will all shut down, people will need food, people will need toiletries.

I am not really scared of getting this virus and if I do, I will get over it and won’t die, I think it’s the elderly and those with weak immune systems that really need to worry. While I am not going to places but store and work, I am still carrying on with my life. Heck, people are still going out and doing stuff in my area because it is not a ghost town here and there are still lot of cars on the road and when I went to my Union meeting, there were still lot of people downtown but the hotel I used to work at was all bare and empty and even the restaurant there was closed and the market there too. Then after the meeting I just went straight home. The media sort of got to me because I don’t want to help spread the virus and have my parents get sick if someone is carrying it and I happened to go near them and I carry it and bring it home. The whole thing is making me think of the movie Outbreak.

My parents are still planning on going to a friend’s house and just hang out and play a board game. Even they are not too freaked out and my dad had always told me since 6th grade “worrying is a waste of time” so that is why I am just taking it a day at a time and not worrying about this virus going around.

Some people are acting like this is the end of the world and I wonder if this is the beginning of Life After People because scientists have said humans can die off someday due to some virus and I am thinking well if that happens, why worry, worrying is a waste of time and won’t make it not happen if it does.

One thing I find strange is scientist have been saying how someday we will have this huge Mega Earthquake or how someday Mt Hood could erupt and no one has freaked out about it and made it into a crises like they are with this virus. I know it’s the media that’s been doing it so people are really scared and having anxiety. But at least they are helping people get jobs that have lost their jobs already. Some money is better than no money. Some people are so freaked out about the virus, they are going to the hospital over minor things like a couch or a sniffle which I think is wasting doctors time because there are people out there who could be really sick and need to go in or have some sort of emergency so doctors need openings for those people. I cough all the time and sneeze and have sniffles and I am not going to the doctor.