Onlyfans deletion a Blessing?

You know how bad things happen and sometimes it becomes a good thing because something positive happens.

My mom jokes how a medical situation in her family brought them all back together and her and her oldest sister are speaking again. I had no idea they were acting estranged despite living so close together.

Another time I was in a car accident when a young guy around my age at the time pulled out in front of me so I T boned him thanks to the roads being wet, I ended up with a hole new hood and the scratch an animal had put on it was gone.

If it were not for me meeting Jerry, I might not have met my husband.

If it were not for me having a miscarriage, my son wouldn’t have been born.

After Onlyfans deleted my page, I moved onto Patreon and Manyvids and Scatshop. I decided it was time I learn to try and learn video editing so I looked up different video editing programs and all of them were crap but that is what you get for freebie. So I bought Wondershare and did a one time purchase since I found it easy to use and had the blur mode in it too. Plus videos don’t corrupt in it. I also learned to watermark and I use a free program for that, Paint 3D I use and I can upload it on wondershare and put it on the video.

If Onlyfans decided one day they made a mistake and it was their computer that rejected my page and they decided to look into it and give me back my account, I might not even go back to it because I had move on from it. I mean what would I even put there? Same content? Besides I liked having tiers. Maybe if enough people keep asking me about my Facebook or Instagram I might add that as a tier but make it be costly because it’s my personal one and I don’t think anyone is going to want to pay a bunch of money to add me as a Facebook friend or to know my name on Instagram to follow me just to out me as a ABDL to put ABDL stuff on my page. But that is something I always fear so I never given out my personal social media. I won’t even put the same photos there I had put on Twitter or the other way around. I know a simple image search can bring you to the website it’s been posted at and I know someone on my FB friends can do a image search and find my Twitter page.

But anyway I had found lot of bad reviews (google “Onlyfans are scammers”) about it and they are on Twitter too and some on Reddit. I even remember someone emailing me telling me to take their email off my list because they unsubscribed from my page and they are still being charged. Sadly I had no control over it because I have no way of seeing my fans email address so I told him to contact Onlyfans. But this seems to have been an issue with other users before, they unsubscribe from a page and their card would still get charged by Onlyfans. Plus people complaining about never receiving their payouts. People were even saying how they never responded to their email for weeks or for over a week for a problem they were having.

I do admit I do get some anxiety that I am going to log onto my Patreons and see my page is randomly suspended. I have heard of ABDLs losing their pages but just as long as I am not doing any lewd things, (nudity is fine) not having any sex toys or doing any masturbation or any sexual acts I should be good and not showing any open scat. I know someone who got her Patron page suspended but got it back up a week later but she had to remove all her messy content so that is why I am not doing any messy diaper changes on Patreon. I have seen other ABDLs on Patreon provide lewd content for high price tier but let them risk it.

I just have to remember that getting suspended is just normal stuff and part of being a creator. How many times have I heard any creators say out there they had their account suspended so they had to get it back or had their social media suspended? A lot. But that is more likely to happen when you do controversial stuff. Then you are going to have to file an appeal to get unsuspended.