Wow, this is crazy

I wonder how rare it is for a website or any play to close your account randomly and maybe I had rolled that dice. So I google “my account was closed randomly” and I get results about banks closing your account.

I started reading a few Reddit threads about it and I find if you open a new bank account and out too much money into it, it can randomly close it because it could look suspicious. If you are all of a sudden earning lot of money from commissions or from your website, they can cost you your bank account because it looked suspicious and banks don’t want to take any chances.

So what did I learn here folks? You can get punished for your Onlyfans page, you can get punished for your youtube channel, you can get in trouble for your Patreon page or from other commissions if it is giving you too much revenue because it looks suspicious to your bank.

I have a new theory about if the real reason why my Onlyfans account was terminated was because it was booming all of a sudden and it looked suspicious. I put my subscription price on sale because I saw others were doing it so I decided to jump on the band wagon and I got even more people joining my page. I wonder if that raised suspicion so they thought I was doing something wrong and terminated my account because they didn’t want to take chances.

I also wonder if this is why some Patreon creaters limit how many people can join their Patreon page because they don’t want to raise suspicion to their bank. I might have to add that feature too if I get too many people joining my page. I don’t want to lose my bank account or else it will cause me lot of stress, why? Because I would have to go to my work headquarters to stop my automatic deposits and I would have to sit and wait to see someone to change my payment method from automatic deposit to paycheck. I would also have to go to the Social Security office to also change my payment method and the wait there is long and can be several hours. This would all have to be done while my kids are in school. Also my husband would have to go online to stop the automatic withdrawal.

This all made me glad I have a credit card with a different bank, a JC Penney credit card and a savings account with a different bank. People were saying in their comments this is why they have different bank accounts and credit cards for back up for in case this stuff happens. Some even said they keep some extra cash in a fire safe.

So you can actually be punished for earning more money and if you get too many people joining your page, it raises alert for fraud alert. Instead of investigating, they close your account instead. Maybe this is why I lost my page. Too many people joined it and it put me on the list for fraud alert and bam, account terminated. It went from 30 fans to 68 fans fast in a week all because of that sale price I put.

Since joining Patreon and creating my page and based on the emails I get from them that indicate they want to help you build your page and get Patreons, I don’t think they are going to randomly suspend my account if it jumps high in Patreons in a week. Maybe 30 new fans in a week was too suspicious for Onlyfans. I wonder if that will look bad to Patreon too if that many people decided to join my page and it all happened in a week.

So there you have it people, possibly too many people joining your Onlyfans all at once and too close together can actually cost you your page.

Also how are you supposed to fight back or even sort things out if they don’t tell you why they closed your account. Mistakes happen and I had a friend who was denied a loan for a house and she was given the reason why and when she saw this couldn’t be right, the bank worked with her and they found out their mistake, someone in Florida has the same name as her and she had bad credit and they got her name mixed up with hers and this took her like 3 weeks for her to sort. If they hadn’t told her why they denied her a loan for a house, she would have never known this and she would have walked with bad credit and not know about it because of some mistake.

Same thing has happened with my mom as well. She and my aunt (my uncle’s wife) have the same name and the same middle name. It’s crazy and they were both born in Wisconsin. But they have different maiden names. But anyway my mom had found out one time the banks had put her credit history and her sister in laws all together because of the same name and my mom also had to sort that out. They have different birth dates and different social security numbers and this still happens? Just shows how people lack detail.

So I find if I do withdrawal too much from my Patreon page because I am taking precaution in case it gets terminated randomly, I can lose my bank account but if I don’t do withdrawal often and I only do it once a month, I am still at risk losing that money so there is no win here. I guess I would rather lose that money than go through stress if we lost our bank account because it would create roadblocks and lot of inconveniences and give me anxiety because of the change.

If I knew why my page was terminated, I wouldn’t have had to change my name online, hide how many Patreons I have on my page and my earnings per month, or even think I was targeted and they got me suspended somehow because of how lazy Onlyfans is, and now I am thinking too many people joining my page too close together got my account terminated so I might need to limit how many Patreons can join my page and raise it gradually every few weeks so it won’t raise suspicion and go through this again? I don’t know if Patreons suspends accounts when they get suspicious if too many patreons join a page so close together and it would be a pain to get it reinstated. I already know computers tend to suspend accounts so you have to file an appeal and a real human looks at it and gets your account reinstated. But Onlyfans doesn’t care to do that which makes them a bad service to use.

Because I don’t know, I am taking every precaution I can think of to avoid it from happening again. I even checked my IP address and looked at if it’s on the bad list and if that got me suspended. Another precaution I had taken. I even started using a VPN but then realized that isn’t a good idea or else that will raise suspicion and I would hate to be blocked on websites due to suspicious activity. So I keep that turned off and my husband should get rid of that program because we don’t need it. I also don’t think it’s a good idea to use VPNs for your accounts online because that can get you suspended for suspicious activity. If you travel often, I would be concerned about going to the same websites under your account.

Edit: I must say I have been noticing when you decide to log into your account, some places make you log into your email account to verify it is you. I like it because I think this will keep you from being banned or blocked by mistake. I guess when you clear your cookies, it also clears your IP so the system sees your IP as a whole new IP and you have to verify it again.