I am finally feeling better. I have started my Patreon page but haven’t launched it yet. I am still trying to figure it all out and I have decided on tiers. I was told they do not allow any messy content because someone had to take their messy content off their page to get it back up again. So messy diaper changes would be out of the question. I know some other ABDL does them but let her take that risk. Maybe she hasn’t been targeted yet and Mindlesselydiaper was. She was the one who told me this. Someone already paid me money to show my used diaper content until I get my page started so I will be taking photos of my used diapers and sending them to him via Twitter DM. I wonder if Paypal will call this sex work but he sends me money through friends and family so therefore I get all my money and Paypal won’t know where that money is from and what it is for. I told him my idea for Patreon and he liked it and said he would join my page.

But I find you have to submit your page for review when you are done so I assume your page does not appear to the public until they see it so I don’t know if they will allow this tier. I plan on a tier for used diaper content only and the diapers will be rolled up and closed, not opened. Not all ABDLs are into this which is why if they don’t select this tier, they won’t see any of this content. I don’t always post my open used diapers on Twitter for a reason because not everyone is into it just like I don’t want to see any dicks and pussies so when someone keeps on liking it too much or posting it too much, I unfollow them. I don’t want it on my feed. What I do want to see is diaper content and used diapers too and cute things. I am not into art and furries but if someone posts it too much, I unfollow them. It’s all about balance.

It took me 3-4 days to get approved for some other website that is like Onlyfans. The reason why it took the owner so long was because of my diaper fetish and he had been hesitant to approve me. He sent me an email after I deleted all my content and video and photos saying this and explain he had a bad experience with my fetish and told me they didn’t allow dirty diapers, scat and urine. He asked me I need to tell him I won’t post that content on my page before he approves me so I promised I won’t put that stuff there. I got approved.

So far I have not posted anything again yet but I will leave that page for back up. Clearly he isn’t a ABDL bigot because he is fine with age play and all and he only said he didn’t allow dirty diapers so no way does that indicate he hates us and sees us as sickos and pedophiles. He just has his own preferences and it’s his website so he gets to make the rules and what he wants on there. He clearly doesn’t hate people wearing diapers either, he just doesn’t want to see any used diaper stuff. He never said anything about clean diapers so clearly he is okay with diaper content just as long as you can’t see it being used and if it’s unused.

With Patreon, I see you can’t just upload a video there, you can use vimeo or use a url to a video of yours so that means I would have to use another service where I upload my videos too. I have youtube but the issue is youtube has their own policies on content and it doesn’t matter if you set them to unlisted, some troll can join my page and mass report my videos on youtube to try and shut me down again. In order to keep trolls from trying to take you down, you have to follow the policies religiously and it doesn’t matter what others are posting because let them take risks. This is why I haven’t launched my page yet because I still need to figure out what content I should put. I am sure my used trash would be fine but not diaper changes since it would involve nudeness. I see nothing on youtube saying you can’t post videos of you taking out the trash and they would be in the trash bag tied up. But me changing my diaper would be out of the question to put there because it would contain nudity and that would leave it for trolls to report it to shut me down again.

I feel like I am jumping through hoops here because it means I have to figure out where to upload videos and look at guidelines to protect myself from trolls. It doesn’t matter if the videos are set to private. It’s their platform and they make the rules so they are not going to care if your videos were restricted to who can view it via link. If you violate their TOS, they can terminate your account or suspend it. Trolls use the TOS to shut you down.

The problem with Onlyfans is their TOS is very vague so that means anything you do on it can violate their TOS. Like I can go on someone’s ABDL page and expect to see open messy diapers because they wrote in their text that they mess their diaper and I subscribe to see it but see they never take their diaper on and they only stay in the diaper and they keep grunting and pushing and then they go downstairs and lay on the coach and read a book, I could report that page and say how it was misleading and call it fraud and I have this BS claim and bam they shut the page down and suspend the account because it says in their TOS you cannot have anything misleading.

Another thing they have in their TOS is, “content that causes annoyance, inconvenience, or needless anxiety or is likely to upset, embarrass, alarm, or annoy any other person;”

This can apply to nudity and I can mass report pages that show breasts and dicks and sexy clothing and underwear. So clearly they don’t care about creaters, they care about subscribers. Just like how ebay will protect buyers most of the time so that means buyers can scam sellers and win the claim against them because of their BS story. But sellers can also scam buyers too. I once ordered Shopkins Kinstruction sets on ebay from toysrus and they only shipped two of them but the rest never came. I also saw they shipped to another location and said they arrived at my home. An employee may have changed the address to my orders and I never got my money back when they said they would refund me when I called them. I even talked to poaypal and they said since I got it on ebay, file a claim on ebay. Because I didn’t know what dispute to open, they auto closed it because it showed they had been delivered. I also was not able to leave negative feedback for them either because it showed they arrived. I called ebay and the woman was nice to refund my money and told me it was a one time thing. Two months later, toysrus was totally going out of business. So it’s possible an employee at the warehouse purposely tampered with my order because they were losing their job and they didn’t care. But anyway never order electronics on ebay or order from anyone with lot of negative feedback despite having lot of good feedback too. It’s very common to order a phone or a computer and have it be shipped to the wrong address because it’s a common scam which is why I never want to buy phones online or laptops and buy from a legitimate company, not from a third party seller. My husband has ordered his gaming computer over the phone or from the Dell site because they are legitimate. It is no surprising Toys R Us went bankrupt because their customer service was always so shitty.

Also it clearly states in Onlyfans TOS they can suspend your page at any time and no reason given so that means they can just randomly shut you down and you hear nothing from them about it. That is what happened with me, it was all random it happened. I know other websites have this in their Terms too because I know this is just something they put in there to protect themselves from lawsuits. But no one thinks they are going to just randomly shut them down if they are not doing anything against the TOS. Same reason why we see dumb warnings on labels and you wonder who is going to do that but they just put that there for liability. When I got my son a swingset from Costco when he was 2 and it also came with a fort and a picnic table, the instructions were basically telling you how to play on the equipment and how to play on the slide but I knew this was all done for liability. Also websites do not have their phone numbers listed for a reason, why? Because they don’t want people mass calling them and tying up their phone line and wasting their time because they shut down their account for unknown reason or because they didn’t agree with their reason or because they were violating their TOS and they didn’t like the consequences and they also don’t want other people calling them for that person tying up their line.

But places that have their TOS be vague and then refuse to assist you if you unknowingly violated their TOS makes them a shitty service. Now youtube has pretty clear guidelines about what they don’t allow on their website. Patreon has pretty clear guidelines too, they just said they allow nudity but not sexual stuff like masturbation and sexual intercourse. So if I were to do diaper changes, I must not pleasure myself during my changes and just do the clean up and put fresh diaper on and done. But I can’t put that video on youtube due to their policy and I don’t want to risk it.

My impression with Onlyfans is you can pretend to be offended or upset with any content you see as a way to get that person’s page to shut down. You can say anything is obscene, like I see a penis, oh I am gonna report it for obscene content because it’s in their TOS. You didn’t show me your naked breasts because you have censored out the nipples, I am reporting it for misleading content even though it’s not their fault I got that impression. So I am going to say no model on there is protected from false reports from subscribers. They will always side with the subscriber.

And the fact they make their TOS so vague, it makes anything you put on your page violates their TOS but that is up for the subscribers to decide and up for how the Onlyfans staff want to apply the terms. So I will never recommend them to anyone for paid content because of this risk.

It’s been over a week now since the page shut down and I still have not heard anything yet so hopefully everything will be fine and my money is still mine forever. But the rest that was still pending and the rest that was ready to be withdrawn is all gone which is what we call a legal scam.

They also say in their terms that you will not slander them? Is this their way of saying “you will not give us a bad review about our company and tell anyone your bad experience with us.” Sorry but if I am wrongfully terminated because of trolls and you can’t be bothered to investigate or allow people to file appeals and can’t be bothered to have clear guidelines, I will not shut up about this and your terms no longer apply because I am suspended and IP banned from your site so I no longer care about your terms of use and they no longer apply to me because I am not using the website. Also I am protected by freedom of speech here in the US.

Vague TOS just indicates the company doesn’t give a shit about their users and they will just randomly shut people down for no given reason just because they can. They may pretend all they want on their social media page they care about their customers. Any company can make themselves look good and people who have not had a problem with them yet will not have anything bad to say. No one wants to believe you can be terminated randomly until it happens to them. I have had it happen to me before so I believe it. I have had lot of my yahoo accounts close out of the blue so I have lost online friends that way because I couldn’t remember how their yahoo ID was spelled. Because this was a normal thing for me, I started to write down each yahoo ID on my YIM list in my notebook so I can re add them again and not lose contact with them. Surprisingly this hasn’t happen since my senior year of high school so I have been using the same yahoo account ever since. I also dropped yahoo groups and stopped interacting in them so that could be why. I might have written something someone didn’t like so they mass reported me and maybe sent their friends to do it and bam I am shut down. I didn’t write anything political or hateful. I have had my accounts closed when I hadn’t even posted anything in a yahoo group so that was always very strange it happened. It’s been suggested by my online friends someone must really hate me. Then they gave up and left me alone. When they would delete your yahoo account, you were not able to log in for one and if you signed into messenger, a message would pop up saying your account had been closed for security reasons. Even back then they had no number listed but you could still reach them via email so I did that and I never heard back from them. Back then yahoo was a crappy service and I remember when many people in the ABDL community saying they don’t use them.

I remember when they all went Jerry, they deleted all the ABDL groups and accounts associated with it so I am not gonna lie and say this isn’t why I lost my account, I lost my other accounts that were not associated with ABDL so that is why it was all random that they were closed. They decided that ABDLism had something to do with minors. That was because back then many ABDLs were stealing photos of minors in diapers from other places and putting them in ABDL groups even though they were not meant to be sexual and I saw nothing sexual about diapers then and kids wearing them. All those groups got shut down including adult ones too without minors in them and Yahoo banned anything ABDL but left up Overcoming Infantilism yahoo group. Can you really blame Yahoo for their confusion on ABDL? I can’t.

So there you have it, back then it was very easy to get accounts shut down for any BS reports and lies. Now today it is very difficult to do when you aren’t doing anything wrong and it takes more than one report to do it and it’s the computer that suspends your account and you can file an appeal so a human can look at it. At first I thought that was the case with Onlyfans and I understand that you sometimes have to email or call them (any company in general) multiple times before you get to someone very helpful. So I sent them about three emails about it, on Twitter, from their website and email from my own email address because I thought it was a computer that did it and I wanted them to look at it. But they ignored me and their website would no longer load and I saw they must have blocked my IP access because it loads fine on my phone and when I use a VPN but on our home network, it stays on the loading page and goes no further. I will say Onlyfans is 17 years behind because this was how it was online with social media back in the days, it was easy to shut anyone down with bogus reports. And I think they are a small business too and their TOS page is a mess because it’s too vague. Some people even call them scammers and someone told me it’s called a legal scam because they can just take your money you earned by shutting down your account randomly before you even withdraw it or before it’s done pending and they give you no notice at all and don’t say why they closed it and it’s stated in their terms they can do this. This is actually legal which is why it’s called a legal scam. I am sure any lawyer out there will tell you there is nothing you can do and your money you have earned is gone forever and they might advise you do withdrawal every time you reach the minimum amount.

On Adisc it’s been suggested it could have been nudity and stuff I posted could have fallen under those terms but they also said it is very vague which is a problem. Now I don’t think they are siding with them and they are just telling me how this all sucks for me and their terms of use. Vague TOS is always an issue and as someone else told me, all it can take is one report to shut you down. I already guessed this is what happened and someone got jealous and targeted me or else they would have shut down other ABDL pages too by also reporting theirs. There was someone else who did a video of her masturbating in her sexy underwear and pleasuring herself and I could have reported it to get it shut down and use their TOS and bam her account would have been gone too if the Onlyfans people were offended by it. But I am not that kind of person and all it takes is a heartless person to do it.