One of my youtube vidoes was marked age restricted

A while ago I posted a video of myself playing in my wet diaper. I was just rubbing it and it wasn’t really dirty. There was no nudity and no one could see my pussy. I had that video unlisted and I uploaded it I believe to share here in this blog or on Twitter, I don’t remember. I totally had forgotten about it until I saw an email in my inbox last month from youtube about one of my videos being marked age restricted. I thought it was strange since no one would have access to that video unless they see the link to it posted somewhere. I have it unlisted. Obviously my video had been reported. I know it wasn’t by random people because they would have no way of seeing it unless they were here or on my Twitter page, wherever I had it posted. So I know it had to be by another ABDLs and they were maybe trying to take me down even though I got no money for it. I don’t even get paid on my channel because I don’t post anything there and videos I had posted were all home made and I set them all to unlisted since they didn’t have any views anyway.

Back when youtube opened, there were lot of home videos posted on there and then eventually professional film makers started to use it and people started to use it for vblogs and then people became self taught film editors and then people started uploading copyright content to it and uploading their own game play to it and even TV companies will upload their own content there and small film companies. I’d say youtube didn’t start to get good until around 2009. Before then it was just home videos and vblogs and it was all boring so I never visited it unless linked.

So to anyone out there that had the balls to report my video, sorry, you lose, it didn’t violate any terms so they marked it as age restricted and I didn’t even care. It’s not a big deal if it’s marked as adult. I don’t even have it listed as public and it’s unlisted meaning only people can access it through link. Only way a minor will see it is if they go on my page and fine the video.

Also youtube isn’t someone who just blindly shuts people down because they allow appeals and have a 3 strike system.

Seesh I wonder if I am becoming someone who is going to be harassed now like lot of people are when they get popular on their page or channels because I have heard of pages being shut down and people having to fight for appeals and videos being demonetized and this is always the risk when you put yourself out there. People could do it because they don’t agree with your life style or because they get jealous or they are mad they have to pay for your content or they get mad because they didn’t agree with you on something.

I once unfollowed someone on twitter because she made a stupid post saying if anyone comments on her stuff and they have minors on their pages or videos, she said she would report them and stuff. I unfollowed her because on my youtube, it’s a vanilla page and I follow any pages and have like videos and favorites and I even have videos on my favorite that were TV show theme songs from my childhood and they have minors in it.

I have Kids Incorporated theme intro song, Lamb Chops Play Along and Sond That Doesn’t End, Tony the Tiger commercial from 1998, Huggies Pull Ups commercial, Ramblin Rod clip, Pedophile being harassed by pedophiles, (it’s actually a satire video about someone being sexually attracted to pedophiles so this pedophile has a peeping tom on him while he is doing the same to these kids on the playground and he says how this has to be stopped while he continues doing the same to kids which made it hilarious because of the hypocrisy, it was like an Onion video), and few others that happen to have minors in it. Did this person seriously say she was going to report me for this if I comment on her content? I take threats very seriously so unfollowed it is and ignore.

My youtube isn’t even a abdl channel and I just have playlists of video game music and favorite music and I follow lot of channels and made playlists of movie scores and have them organized, same as video game scores. If someone is going to be that strict, I unfollowed but I didn’t go around harassing her and reporting her blog and her channel and her pages to get her to shut down just because I didn’t agree with her. Some people are just strict and if they want everyone to be in this tiny box just because they are into this, unfollow them and move on. There are other ABDLs out there you can follow and see their content without any petty threats and petty restrictions. I don’t she she is a bad person, I just don’t agree with her standard here. People really need to understand that not everyone is restricted to their kinks and they have outside lives and interests so not everything they post or like or favorite, etc is related to their kink. If they can’t understand that, it’s their problem and not mine.

And I don’t even get lot of comments like other popular people do but yet here I am still being harassed sometimes. They don’t need to send you messages to harass you, all they can do is just keep reporting you. If I get any bad messages, I just ignore them or hit the block button and move on and not say anything to them. I have never gotten any death threats, not ever since I have started posting online in 2002. Maybe I did once on a forum but I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t see it as a death threat then and we were both people who didn’t like each other and I wasn’t able to ignore any meanness then, now I just hit the block/ignore button and move on. But that was the only death threat I remember but I never got it in my inbox ever.

Edit: I have removed all 4 of my videos that were related to my ABDL for safety reason.

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