My made up religion

Religion is basically made up but the difference is I think any other religion made up by others wouldn’t be protected by the law. Why? Because any one would abuse it like “it’s against my religion to not go to work on Saturdays” or “It’s against my religion to not work holidays” because anyone would be using it to get their way and work places would be screwed. When I was around age ten, I tried to make homework be against my own religion because I didn’t want to do homework. I was doing it right alright because I was forcing it on my mother like how religious people force their religion on others like that one man in Sweden who wouldn’t shake this lady’s hand after their interview because of his religion.

I also think people do a religion because they need rules but you don’t need to pick a religion to do, why not make up your own.

My religion is:

No toilet usage

No underwear

No weighing above 125lbs

No unemployment

No belief in god

No church

No Christmas before Thanksgiving

Must shower when I see too much pubic hair growing in

Must not judge people for things they do that are totally different that are not harming others no matter how gross it is.

Must exercise 5 times a week on weekdays

And more I might add.

I shared my religion with my online friend and he told me if everyone in my city followed mine, they would have a problem with waste management. He also thought not going to church and no Christmas before Thanksgiving was a contradiction.

I think athiesm is growing because less people have gotten religious. I also wonder what life would be like if religion no longer became protected at work. You no longer have to accommodate it. You can fire someone for not working Sunday or Wednesday due to church being more important, you can fire someone for misogyny behavior because of their religion, you can fire someone for not following your work dress code because they found it more important to wear something to work that is their religion, you can fire someone for taking too many breaks because they had to pray, what would all these people do about their religion? I also wonder how far can someone go with their religion to a point you can fire them like what if homosexuality was against their religion so they were spouting homophobia at work, they are creating workplace harassment. But wait this is part of their religion and it’s illegal to discriminate against religion but it’s also illegal to discriminate against homosexuality so this is a double edge sword. I wonder how this is handled? Technically if you fire them, they can sue you for discrimination for their religion. That one man in Sweden sued the work place for his religion because he wouldn’t shake this lady’s hand and she didn’t hire him for his misogyny. So he sued and won.

I am all for respecting peoples religion just as long as their beliefs do not harm others and they don’t do actions that are harmful to others. Misogyny isn’t okay and neither is homophobia so I won’t respect that religion there. It is also against my own religion to be intolerant towards others religion that do not put harm on others.