Enough defending ABDL bigots

It’s 2019, there is no excuse anymore to be ignorant about us calling us pedophiles. So someone makes a post on social media calling us pedophiles and other ABDLs fight back and defend themselves against the accusation and we get scolded for “harassment.” I’m sorry but anyone who wishes to defend ABDL bigots are just as bad as them and you also are not better than they are and I will just block you too on social media for endorsing such behavior.

Telling someone they are wrong is not harassment.
Telling them to STFU isn’t harassment, be bigot, get treated like one.
Telling them “Okay boomer” isn’t harassment.
Asking them where is their proof of us being pedophiles is not harassment.

If you make hateful posts against a group, do not expect any kindness and yes you will get hostile responses too because you insulted a whole group of people and anyone who scolds us for defending ourselves, you are just as bad as they are and throwing your community under the bus. Do not expect people to not respond when you choose to make a hateful post. And do not hide behind the “everyone has their own opinion and not everyone agrees with us” BS. You wouldn’t be saying the same about racism and homophobia and transphobia, etc. If someone made a hateful post against race or LGBT or disability, I doubt you would be scolding them for defending themselves and not blame them for their hostile responses.

Seriously, if someone is genuinely confused, they would be asking “How is ABDL/babyfur/DDLG not pedophilia?” and we will gladly explain and not jump all over them. That would be a sign of them being open minded and wanting to learn. Someone who calls us pedophiles is not open minded and don’t care to learn. They will keep finding justification to hate us. They are not worthy of our time and respect. The moment someone calls us pedophiles is the moment they lose all my respect for them and I have no empathy for them so anything that comes with it, they made their bed, go lie in it and anyone who wants to defend these bigots are just as bad and you are throwing us under the bus when you do this.

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