Got bag checked

On Saturday I took my daughter to see Disney on Ice. I would have taken my son too but he wanted to go to the video game expo thing so he went there instead. I had my Hello Kitty diaper bag with me with my wallet and phone in it and book and Gameboy with Game Boy games I got at the gaming expo and my head phones and an extra diaper. I Pick up my tickets at Will Call and go inside.

I get my tickets checked and then we have to set our purses on the table and it had a picture on there saying “no bags larger than” and it had inches listed and a square and I set mine down and it was bigger than the square.

The lady looks inside it. She looked pretty young, maybe in her early twenties. She asked me about the black plastic bag and asked if it’s been opened and without thinking I say “no” and she asked what was in it and she would need to see. I open it a little so she could see it and she goes “I have to know what that actually is.”

I say again “My underwear.”

Yes I chickened out saying “diaper.” I am always going in my posts “it’s a diaper, diaper diaper diaper” and having my character say in my stories “Why is everyone afraid of the word diaper?” and acts non compliant when any nurse or medical staff doesn’t refer it by its proper name. Apparently it’s cultural to call an adult diaper by another name because an online friend of mine who likes to read my stories has asked me if it’s really an American thing to not call it a diaper. That indicated that in his country, they call it a diaper, not a brief or a pad. Plus I also remember him mentioning that it seems to be a North American thing to avoid the D word.

But moving along, she says “it’s fine, I am not going to say anything” so I open it and look away and she goes “I am going to put this thing on your bag since it’s a medical bag” and she put some thing on it you would put on a wrist when you go into a water park or some attraction to indicate you have paid. I didn’t even look at it and we just go through and I look for my seats and I buy my daughter a snow cone and a cup and she picked a Princess cup and Beauty and the Beast straw. I got my son some little things at the game convention, I couldn’t have her come home without any merchandise and the cups were under $20. I spent $24 on her so more than I spent on my son because Disney on ice stuff is more expensive because it’s Disney. Disney stuff is always pricey but I know some of it is cheaper like at Ross or any clearance stores and even The Disney Store will sometimes have clearance items too and have 2 for $15 for plushies. Still cheaper IMO. It’s no surprising that many of the stores have closed in malls and we only have 1 left in my whole entire area. As a child, pretty much every mall had a Disney Store and then they started to shut down in the 2000s in locations.

But my daughter never once asked to get anything when we were there so I told her how proud I was of her because she never once asked for any toys when we were there and she said, “I have enough toys at home.” I gave her a wall sticker reward when we got back to reward her got good behavior I wanted. I actually had to ask her if she wanted a snow cone in one of those cups and ask her if she wanted a coloring book because she would not have asked for those on her own.

I did look at the thing on my bag and I saw it said nothing on it and it was just plain blue. And I also did end up changing in the restroom during intermission. I didn’t want to leak and I was smelling some urine.