ABDL Hidden Language

Almost everyone says things they don’t mean just to be be nice or polite or just to avoid conflict. In ABDL, it’s common sense to also say things we don’t mean just to be discrete.

“I need to use the restroom/toilet/bathroom.”

What we mean:

I need to change/check my diaper.

“I am getting dressed.”

What we mean:

I am changing my diaper

“I need to get the trash out of my room”

What we mean:

I need to empty out my diaper pail/get those used diapers out of my room

“Excuse me, is there a single restroom/toilet/bathroom/family toilet I can use?”

What we mean:

I need to change my diaper so I need a single toilet room so I am wondering if you have one?

And of course if someone had the balls to confront you about diapers, I bet many of us would just say we have medical issues.

What we mean:

I wear diapers because (list our real reasons here)

In ABDL munches I am sure we would understand this language and if you know someone who does wear diapers. I sometimes wonder if my parents know what I am actually saying when I say either of these things. I keep thinking no one is going to know what you mean if you don’t say it because I don’t expect anyone to mind read. But my husband can actually read my mind. I still haven’t learned to read his.

Any other ABDL hidden language out there we use when we actually mean something else?