An ABDL anime I was shown

A couple days ago I was shown a photo via PM asking if this was Natalie from my story as a soccer player.

I clicked on the link and it showed me a drawn photo of a anime girl wearing a soccer uniform and you could see her diaper peeking out in the crotch. She had blonde hair too and breasts so I knew this was a grown adult. But she looked very young in it.

While it’s a cute photo, I am afraid it will be seen as lolicon and child porn if I were to share it on my page. It wouldn’t be illegal in the US but it is in some other countries.

Also I don’t even know if the character is underage or 18. And anything can be made into porn. You can take any innocent photo and make it sexual and it will be porn if you get turned on by it and jack off to it.

But yet someone posted a drawn photo of baby Link. But everyone is okay with Disney characters and Video Game characters being in diapers, even if they are made into babies which is how Link looked. But anime, that is a no no because it would be considered lolicon and lolicon is considered child porn. I looked up what lolicon was and it’s just anime girls, young adults and kids.