Daddy gave me a bath

Someone finally got me something off my Amazon wishlist and it was Rearz Princess diapers. I did some special photos just for him and a video as a thank you.

I put my 2nd one on last night and I didn’t wet it till this morning after I got up. I had two Red Bulls this morning that were 8 oz cans.* But traffic was bad this morning because someone was walking along the freeway shoulder and they got hit this morning and the city closed both ramps so it put more traffic on the roads making it backed up. I even called my kids’ school to let them know they might be late and the lady staff person said they had gotten calls from some of their employees too so nothing to worry about.

But diapers do come in handy because on the way back, I had to pee and it was uncomfortable too. Red Bulls will make me pee. I peed twice on the way back and they were big ones. Then I had another one when I got back and I pooped and it smelled bad so my daddy gave me a bath. He undressed me and gave me a bubble bath and showed me some toys and washed me the way he used to when our kids were little. Last time he had given me a bath was when we were in our apartment and then we moved and it changed everything because my parents were here and then our son got older and then we had another child. Now they are both in school all day. That means I only need to do one trip now instead of two and I am using less gas now so that will save us some money and I bet that extra money I would have been spending on gas would pay for their school lunches we have to buy now. Plus that extra money we have now we used to use to pay for preschool. Before that, I used to buy an extra case of diapers whenever there would be a sale going on which happens around every Holiday. Instead of buying one case, it was two cases. Now I only buy one which is every month now I buy them instead of every 2-3 months.

Daddy washed my whole body and he washed my hair even though I showered last night. Then he dried me off and he diapered me and got me dressed again back in my outfit and he put my hair in pigtails. He also made me wear it out of the house like that. No one said anything about my hair so that means no one cares and maybe because keep this town weird. Then he made me my lunch and it was a TV dinner, Sponegbob version and he gave me a cup of milk. I don’t normally eat TV dinners because they are small and high in calorie but Daddy bought it for me when he last went grocery shopping and he bought it for all his kids and I didn’t have mine yet. And because of that, I ended up having two tacos for dinner and then I was full. I would have normally had one but I think it was because of that TV dinner because it was so small so it wasn’t enough.

*I know I said I was going to lay off the Red Bulls but caffeine addiction is so real I have had caffeine withdrawls several times already when I go too long without. I just get a bad headache and it feels someone had hit me there. At least it’s caffeine and not drugs or cigarettes or tobacco or street drugs. My mom even seems to be encouraging my addiction because she told me on the phone I was having a caffiene withdrawl and to have a Rockstar. But then she said it was my choice and I could have that or get some Tylenol.