In the doctor’s office

I went to see my new doctor to get to know each other. I had been there twice already but I saw different doctors then, one for my ear because I was having tinnitus in it and it felt like I had a ear plug in my ear because the sound was muffled in that ear. The other one was to get my IUD replaced.

But anyway, she checked my blood pressure and my temperature. She also asked me about my family and employment and asked me about exercise, my IUD and periods and childbirth and any past surgeries, and medical questions and she had pulled up my medical history. One she asked me about was convulsions and I said that was back in 6th grade when I was having seizures because of the side affects of the medicine I was on. I was on different meds then and I guess when they both mixed, it created the side affect of a seizure. I did hear how mixing different pills can cause other medical issues so I think that was the case. So my parents had to take me off all my pills.

She also checks my heart and breathing. She had to lift the back of my shirt up to put the stethoscope. Most doctors just do it over the shirt. I knew the back of my diaper was peeking over my pants and she didn’t say anything about it. Then she had me lay down and was checking my tummy and had to lift my shirt again and then she brought up my diaper but she called it a brief. I was too nervous to even correct her.

She starts asking me all these questions and I be honest about it. She asked if I leak and I say sometimes. She asked me how often I wear them and if it’s sometimes or when I am out of the house or all the time and I say “all the time.” She also asked when I leak, when I cough or laugh and I realized where this was going so I say “I don’t have any incontinent issues, I just like to wear them.” She goes “Okay, that means I won’t give you another pill then” and she moves on like nothing happened.

Then I was discharged and given my check out papers.