Gone for two weeks

It’s that time of year again where I will be going to Montana. We used to go for the 4th of July but for the last couple summers it’s been August. I didn’t go in 2015 because we went out to Wisconsin instead for my aunt’s wedding reception, I didn’t go in 2017 because we went to the coast instead and my son went out to Montana with my parents and me and my husband took our daughter with us to the beach. But this will be the second year we go in August and this time I took two weeks off instead of one week. I found out I had 28 vacation days so I took two weeks off instead of all those days.

Because ll medico sent me the wrong size diapers, I won’t be getting the right ones till Tuesday and I would be gone by then so I have no choice but to bring my pack up diapers with and bring some liners too for inserts and I still have two unopened packs of ABUs so I will use those too, and I have those crappy Attends diapers and I know I will have to fit all that in my trunk. My suitcase with my kids’ suitcases since they are riding with me because my parents are taking my nephews with them and my brother will meet them out there. Plus my kids will be packing toys and I have a bad to pack too with my stuff and I will need to fit those diapers so I told me kids they can only bring what they can fit in front of their seats. My daughter already has her toys in there because she had left them in there because she likes to bring some with whenever we leave the house and she leaves them in the car. I had to clean it out and I put all her toys in a black bag I found and she left her pink Barbie case in there too.

Even if I do run out of diapers on the trip, there is always Walgreens and I can buy some there. I always see adult diapers there, the tabbed ones. I once had to buy a pack there in Wisconsin and I ended up having to throw them out because I couldn’t fit them all in my suitcase and bag. I hope someone else had taken them before a trash collector came. But right now I think I will try and jam as much as I can in my trunk. I also hope I will find good diapers again at a thrift store there in town like I have last time. I will also bring scented trash bags to keep my room from smelling.

One thing I won’t be having for sure is Redbulls. No Redbulls on the road trip or it might make me want to do a poo. I will just use a 5 hr energy. I might have one at the lakehouse if I happen to see one at a store but save it till I get home so I won’t end up doing a public poo. Every time I have a red Bull, I always poop if I haven’t pooped in days. My husband thinks it’s a coincidence because he doesn’t think it makes you poop but I think it does because it always happens after I have had one.

So folks, whenever your diaper order comes, always open the package and not wait until you are ready to use them. You gotta be sure they are the right order so you have diapers by the time you need them so you aren’t stuck with crappy ones. I still have my cloth ones too and they are also for back up. But this was not a good time for that mistake but my bad for not opening the package.