Ouch my butt

I took my kids for a free swim the other day because my son has been wanting to go swimming. I took both kids there and I parked on the street in a neighborhood and walked there because their parking lot is full and last time we were there, we got lucky there was only one parking space left. I didn’t really want to go in there again and not find a parking spot so I parked in a nearby neighborhood.

I wasn’t planning on swimming but it turned out I had to be in the pool anyway because their rule is a child under 48 inches has to be with an adult and my daughter is just under it. They actually measure small kids in the line to see if they are tall enough or not to swim alone and then they put a bracelet on them and they put it on the parent too. Good thing I did bring my swimming suit and 3 towels.

I had to throw my diaper away I had on and I had it on since last night and it was barely used. Since I change once a day anyway, it wasn’t really a waste.

I went diaperless and used my continent privilege. If I were incontinent, we would have had to go home and my kids would have been so disappointed.

My son played by himself and found some random boys to play with and they did water basketball. My daughter spent most of her time going down the little slide and I swam with her. But when I sat on the bottom of the pool, I sat on something hard and it was not comfortable. I wondered what was I sitting on and I felt down there and the surface was flat and I felt where the pain was coming from and I felt some hard bones down there on my bottom. Ouch, did I really lose this much weight it now hurts to sit on hard surfaces? I am always wearing diapers so I already have padding and I sit in soft chairs mostly. I sat in a hard chair at Barnes & Noble and felt no pain but that is because I have on a diaper so that gives me padding. I could feel my butt bones in my butt and it felt very weird. They were sore for the rest of the day from sitting on them. I am always joking about if I lose more weight, I would have to carry a pillow with me everywhere, I guess I don’t have to because I have on a cushion already, my diaper. Hey another advantage here to wearing diapers.