Finally pooped in public

Yesterday I was going through some junk on the table we use as a computer desk. I toss things in recycling after going through it and I find Summer Free For All flyer book. I had forgotten about it I picked up at the library or at Barnes & Noble. I look inside it and see when places do free swimming, doing free lunches, etc. closest to our house. I decided to take the kids to one of the nearest parks. But I had to take my husband to the store first. He had to get more weed. He smokes it for his feet pain. I remember when he first started smoking it and I wasn’t thrilled. I didn’t like the smell for one and I didn’t want to smell it in our apartment and smell like it. Plus it was illegal back then and he was committing a crime and doing a drug and I thought he was going to become a drug addict. And I thought he was going to fry his brains and I didn’t want a incompetent husband now.

Since he was going to get weed, I would mind as well get a Red Bull. The store we stopped at didn’t have milk that is right next to the dispensary place so we had to go to the grocery store which took us longer.

Ever since weed has been legalized, dispensary places had popped up all over but it also gave us more money to splurge because it made it cheaper. I did vote for that to be legalized for the sake of my husband and I wasn’t surprised it passed.

But anyway my husband disagrees Red Bulls make you poop because he said it didn’t have the same stuff coffee has and coffee makes you poop. I asked him if he thinks it’s a coincidence then I have always pooped after drinking it and he said it might be what it does to my stomach so it gives me a bowel movement. He thought maybe I should go to a doctor for it and I said I was fine with pooping after a Red Bull. I will just have one if I hadn’t pooped in days.

So we come home and I am drinking my Red Bull and it’s a big 20 oz can. I always drink sugar free ones. I have 5 calorie drinks too my husband buys. I don’t really measure the drink when I pour it because it’s low calorie so I am not worried how many servings I put in my cup. I will not drink other drinks because of calories so I always stuck with water, now I have low calorie drinks. My Red Bulls range from 5 calorie to 20 calories depending on the size. Then boy do I always poop but not each time but most of the time. Then I am pooping again that day or daily and then I go days of not pooping.

I get home and I do my game first and take the kids to the park and I take my drink with. I also make sure I bring my rash cream and wipes since I was sure I might do a poop because I could already feel my body trying to make one. I knew there were not lot of people at the park because of how open it is. My phone was also half full because I didn’t keep it charged all night.

They had free lunch there and my daughter didn’t want any and my son was too picky to even want it. I told them they didn’t need to eat and they could just play instead. I have my drink while I watch them play and my son makes me go down the slide. I also take some photos of them and I finish my drink and soon my poop makes it’s way out and I just stand aside and away from everyone on the edge of the sidewalk and poop without even squatting. They had a restroom there and I looked at it first making sure it was open and I could actually change in there if I poop.

I pooped and I smelled nothing so I held off changing and kept peeing and deciding to just let all my pee come out first before I change. I didn’t sit down and refused to because I didn’t want to make a bigger mess and have a bigger mess to clean up and I pushed my daughter on the swing in my messy diaper and no one knew I had shat myself. I just carried on and took more photos and then soon I decided I better change before we leave because I don’t want to leak when I sit.

I changed in the restroom and had the diaper over my pants still and I still dribbled after I took it off. I even used the wipe and dumped the poo in the toilet because it looked like it was going to fall out of my diaper. I didn’t want it in my pants so I tossed it in the toilet. I cleaned myself up with my daughter calling me and I kept saying I was in the bathroom. I don’t ever say I am getting changed or changing my diaper.

I am not sure how long it took to clean up but the mess wasn’t bad and the poop was firm but wet from the pee. I didn’t really smell it either. I put on a fresh diaper but it was a Sun Mate and it doesn’t hold much but it holds better than Good Nurse. Plus it’s a lot thinner too and it sags when wet so not very comfortable but they are just used as temporary diaper until I change into something better. I knew I would change out of it before work.

I stuck my used diaper in the plastic bag and tossed it in the public trash can in the park that was right across the pathway from the restroom and I washed my hands. I didn’t pee again for the rest of the time I was at the park after changing. I hear you pee more when you are wet until you are into a fresh diaper, it’s a psychological thing.

No one noticed what I threw away and I got over what strangers may see or what they may think. I also didn’t bother tying the bag because it was an enclosed trash can where it has the hole on the side and a cover over the can to avoid any illegal dumping. But it doesn’t stop people from throwing their trash in there from their car or throwing trash away in there individually when illegal dumping. That means touching the garbage to throw it all way than tossing the whole bag in there.

My son was playing in the sand when I decided it was time to go and I was hungry anyway because I didn’t have a fork with me to eat my salad my husband had bought me. Lot of it was just lettuce with little meat and some cheese and tomato. I refuse to have any salad dressings because of calories and a salad can be 800 calories depending on how much dressing you use and what you put in it. But I will gladly have a salad as a meal and nothing else because it can be 300 calories or 480. I don’t worry about how many calories are in it if it doesn’t have too much stuff and no dressing.

So that was my day at the park and crapping myself in public and it didn’t smell. No toilets for me so this is what I am doing now. Always keep a diaper with me and wipes and rash cream, even if I had just changed because my body could decide to troll me. “You just changed into this diaper, I think I will make a bowel movement happen and you will now have to use the toilet or crap yourself and have a shitty time or risk getting constipated by holding it for too long.” So far that hasn’t happened yet except for at home but I would always use the toilet then to save on a diaper.

I also didn’t get a itchy pussy again so that means I didn’t get turned on that time changing it. Maybe it was because there were kids around and my brain didn’t want to get turned on because of kids even though I was in the restroom. Plus it was a public place with people. No orgasms either in the fresh diaper. Everything was just normal.

I guess I had crapped around grown ups finally even though they were not near me and were too busy with their kids. I still felt normal after I went. I did sniff down my shirt a few times and smelled nothing. I am pretty sure someone would have to be right next to me touching me to smell it or be in my butt but no one gets that close to a human when the place isn’t even crowded and there is too wide open space.

Everything has still been going good since not using any toilets and only use my diapers for everything since that is what 24/7 is all about. I remember predicting a few years ago that I would be doing everything in my diapers in another ten years and crapping in them any time. Back then I was still having trouble going in them and my poo was still too hard and I could only do it fine when it was real soft. Now I can do it with firm poop so I decided to try the next step, no toilets. Plus I haven’ noticed the smell much and only sometimes it will smell. I still wouldn’t want to poop in a crowded area or near someone in case it smells.

I did change into a fresh diaper before work because the other one leaked on me and I also pooped again when I got home. My husband didn’t notice the smell until I asked him and that was because he looked for it and got near me even though he was sitting next to me and he noticed it. But he didn’t noticed it before until I asked him. So there you have it folks, people are not going to notice the smell unless they know you crapped yourself. How will they not notice, keep it to yourself and just carry on what you are doing and no one will know.