Orgasm in my diaper

This doesn’t happen often where I have an orgasm. I don’t feel it and my body doesn’t react to it but I know I have one when I feel a cool breeze down there or when I feel wetness. It is not the same wetness as urine because urine feels different and plus the wetness doesn’t stay to my skin when I pee. But when I orgasm, it doesn’t absorb into the diaper and it stays on my skin so I feel wetness.

Last night I had to change before bed because I leaked a little in my Galatic diaper. I took it off right before bed and my private part itches so I scratch it with a baby wipe while cleaning myself up. My husband says it itches when I am turned on. So I guess I get turned on then changing my diaper. I only rub it because of the itch. I do the same with my bites too from spiders and mosquitoes.

I rub myself there with a wipe and then it is wrecked and I throw it away with the diaper and put on a Crinklz. It felt nice to be fresh again and after I crawled into bed, I was wet down there and I knew it wasn’t pee.

I pleasure myself in bed and enjoy the fresh diaper and thick diaper on me. I even feel the wetness going up my butt. Did I orgasm more?

I never feel myself squirting or climaxing. I looked it up on my phone and it said every woman experiences an orgasm differently and not every woman is going to feel it or know she had one. I also read each woman would have to try different things to make themselves have one and figure out what makes them have one. I don’t even try to make myself have one and don’t care for them.

I remember my mom telling me I have had one before as a young child and that was why I probably masturbated a lot. I wondered if it’s even possible for a pre puberty child to orgasm so I looked it up and I saw parents saying their toddler had one so I guess little kids can have one too. I don’t remember any wetness in my crotch as a young child but I remember masturbating and not understanding why my mom was calling it naughty and telling me to stop so it got me to be sneaky about it but she would always keep catching me because she would come in my room without knocking and tell me to stop. I would stop every time the door would open but she still knew what I was doing. Then I would pause and stop whenever I heard foot steps coming near the door so I would have more time to get my blanket out from between my legs and get out of bed. If I was already in bed for sleep, both legs would be under the covers. But I never got wetness down there. To this day, I still don’t get the big fuss about it because it wasn’t like I was doing it in the sun room or in public or in school. If you really don’t want to see your kid doing it, knock for god’s sake but my mom never learned lol. She used to hate feeling my diaper too but continued patting me down there. She was doing that before I even started wearing them. She didn’t stop until I was in my mid twenties. I guess she finally got the hint and it took her like 9 years for her to learn.

Funny story, when I was 15, I went in my parents bedroom without knocking, I saw my mom was on top of my father and I stopped midway while asking a question and I saw my mom’s hairy butt crack and I apologize and slam their door and run to my room. I was expecting to be screamed at but my parents were laughing. I sure hell learned to knock next time their door is closed. Why is it that I learned my lesson so quickly but not my mother? Mmmm. Even when she reasurred me they were not doing it and she was just sitting on top of him, I still learned my damn lesson. 12 years later, she tells me they were having it. I told her why did she lie about it then and she said I would have then start trying to catch them. Like she thinks I would want to see my parents having sex.

I stopped pleasuring myself when I grabbed my son’s llama he gave me to use. It’s soft and fluffy and more comfortable on my skin than my other stuffed animals. Then I felt back to normal again. I guess the llama was the off button for sexual.