Smelly room

I went up to my room to get my Toy Story 4 tickets to put in a code on the Boy did my room smell like wet diapers. I thought the bucket was left open or something and then I saw my bag of used diapers on the floor still by my dresser. I was going to take them out sooner but forgot. So I grabbed the tickets and put a mint wrapper in the bag with the other used diapers and took it out to the garage. I didn’t want to go outside so I put the bag on the garage floor. Remembering what had happened last time when I didn’t tie it and it causing a little hilarious scene between my parents when my daughter was a baby, I tied the bag closed.

What was the hilarious scene, I wrote about it here once but can’t remember when it was posted and I am not going through dig through my blog posts to find it so I will retell it again. I know it happened in 2015 when I was 29 but can’t find that post.

My dad had went poopy in the bathroom. The garage door was open, and my parents were leaving to do something and the kitchen stank of poo. So my mom thought my dad needed a mercy flush so she had him flush the toilet again. He flushes it and the smell it still there. So my mom has him flush the toilet. The smell never leaves and they are both wondering why it stinks so bad and my mom thought that was one smelly poo my dad had done. Then my mom looks at the trash in the garage ready to be taken out and there is the bag full of my used diapers and one of them was popped open showing my messy diaper. Mom confronted me about it later in the day and she waited until the end that she saw my messy diaper popped open and it had poop in it and it was an adult diaper so she knows I did it. She tells me she didn’t want me to share any information with her and I told her I wasn’t and she goes “seeing your messy diaper is sharing information with me.” She wasn’t mad. She also said it was fresh. What she didn’t know was that diaper was from the night before and I had pooped in it and then changed later on. I guess poop will look fresh for a while.

So that is what happened when I didn’t tie the bag closed and one of the diapers popped open showing my parents what I did in that diaper. I do tie my bags most of the time when I take them out. Now hopefully my room won’t smell like wet diapers anymore when I go to bed. I do have a window open.