No one cares you wear diapers

So four years ago I decided to join Reddit and for shits and giggles I put the word diaper in my username and my female pronoun because I couldn’t come up with anything else. I don’t like to use the same usernames for each forums because of doxxing and people doing a search on your name so I will mind as well make it harder for them. But coming up with a username has always been hard for me so I picked that one.

But anyway, after I had been posting on Reddit and not just in r/ABDL, my name has gotten very little attention. So what could this mean here? I know, lot of people just don’t care that you wear diapers. So that means you can go ahead and put one on and wear it to work or wear it anywhere and no one will care if they notice. So you have nothing to worry about folks. I bet even putting “Ishitmypants” as your username won’t get you attention either. But maybe it will and it will give you an auto ban because it sounds like something a troll would create. Someone once created a user name on a forum and they put the word fetish in their username and female pronoun and the word duck and boom she was banned before she could even post. She was not even a troll because she went to another forum (now defunct) and complained about being banned from that forum and then members in that thread were complaining about the mods on the other forum and how that place sucks. I wonder if the word diaper in the name would have gotten you banned too from that forum. The 3 mods there were pretty corrupt and paranoid.

Occasionally an idiot will bring up my diapers and say something about it that is totally irrelevant to the discussion. They will go through my post history to find something about it and use it against me. My favorite one is “You shit your diapers in front of your children and you think this is the worst parenting?” I looked through her post history (assuming it’s a she because of the name in it but then again it is also a unisex name) and she didn’t seem like a troll but decided to make a troll post towards me. Interesting how even regular members can be trolls. This is so rare I can’t remember any other times it’s happened but this one sticks out so that is why I remember it. Other comments I have gotten about my username have either been neutral or positive.

My username acts invisible until someone feels the name is relevant like “username checks out” or if a troll wants to dig into my post history and use diapers against me. I couldn’t care less if they say I shit myself or that I have a diaper fetish. I am not embarrassed about it and don’t care that random strangers know or else I would have created an alternate account and not post on r/abdl nor even mention my diapers from time to time. Guess what, I still have gotten very little attention about that too when I would do it. What these trolls don’t realize is, nobody cares if Johnny likes to wear diapers and likes to sleep in a crib and eat baby food or have a caregiver so they make themselves look stupid.