7 years of 24/7 and the progress

After being put back in diapers 7 years ago with some attempt in re potty training me šŸ˜‰ here has been the progress so far:

I still have bladder control and bowel control

It is uncomfortable to go without a diaper

I do have to pee a lot because even some urine in my bladder makes me feel I have to go pee

When I have to poop, it is uncomfortable to hold it and it feels it really wants to come out

I still have to get in certain positions sometimes to pee when I am sitting

I can actually just go when I feel a slight urge to pee

I can poop in my diaper in less than a minute after feeling the urge, sometimes it takes a little longer when I am relaxing

Depending on how soft the poop is, I can just go without really pushing it out and squatting so I have done it around my kids and nephews since they don’t pay attention. I even did it once while playing Monopoly with my son. I did it while sitting on the floor and I was on my feet anyway and we were at the coffee table on the floor. I’ve never done it around any adults yet

I sometimes pee while walking depending on my bladder when I am relaxing it but most of the time I can’t do it

Still can’t wet myself on a moving train but have done it while we were stopped and it depends on my bladder

Still can’t wet my diaper while driving with people in the car but for some reason my body is fine with kids and my bladder has to be full enough for me to do it and that is from relaxing and concentrating

I can pee lying on my back but not on my side

I have pooped sitting but that doesn’t happen often and when I stand, I can finally do it.

I have wet my diapers off and on without thinking about it or remembering when it happened

My poop has gotten soft and it’s not hard anymore like it used to be

I still don’t poop in my diaper without thinking about it

It doesn’t feel exciting anymore to be in them 24/7 because it becomes normal and part of my routine, same as for messing and peeing in them

Diapers are now my underwear. My mother has been calling them that now. I guess that is her way of normalizing it. Part of me wishes she would still call it a diaper because I feel it’s like diapers are something to be ashamed about

I don’t hear any diaper comments in the house anymore. I guess everyone had gotten used to it

My diapers have gone from “mommy diapers” to “plastic underwear” by my son. I wonder if he actually knows or if he is just being polite. Sometimes he will poke at them or tug at them and I tell him to stop and he goes “Plastic underwear.”

People at work probably know or it was just a coincidence someone had left their Northshore Underpad on my cart

Both my kids are happy and don’t seem to be confused and they have survived me wearing diapers 24/7. Where is the trauma and all the bad affects on them of me wearing trolls out there love to make up? I must be doing it wrong if my children are happy and don’t seem to be affected. Someone give me a guide on “How to fuck your kids up by you wearing diapers 24/7.”

I am happy to have proven my mother wrong and for her to see both my kids are happy and out of diapers and have no interest in them

I have worn cloth and only wore disposables to work and out of the house if gone all day and now I am now an exclusive disposable wearer. No more cloth

I still go through 2 diapers a day on average, 3 if I have a Red Bull.

I still have not woken up wet after going to bed dry and I will wake up at night and wet my diaper and go back to sleep. I don’t wake up wetter either after going to bed in a wet diaper

My mom is no longer critical about my “underwear.”

I have never done any 12 month programs nor even tried to become incontinent. I decided if it happens it happens and 7 years on, I still have control and I finally learning it’s a myth to lose bladder control of wearing. I know people out there will claim it but I have noticed they already had bladder problems to begin with and they decide to go 24/7 and they notice their lack of bladder control and ones out there with a normal bladder that make that claim could just be lying because it’s the internet. I have even read stories online by people saying they have urinated in pools and get kicked out because they had that chemical that turns color. No such thing exists so those stories were obvious lies.

This has been my diaper progress in the last 7 years of wearing 24/7.