My ABU Order

They got a big stock so I just had to get more and I pay for diapers anyway every month. I will just pay them again next week when we are given our money.

I got a mixed case and one of the packs was ABU Simple and the other pack was PeekABU and I got 2 packs of stickers.

Yesterday the order was still processing and today my package had came. My kids have accepted I get a big box every month and then I give it to them after I empty it out.

I took the package up to my room and cut the tape using a small screwdriver and then ripping it open. I take the packs out and open the ABU Simple and the envelopes with the sticker sheets and I put them on the diapers.

I’ve been in the mood for printed diapers I guess due to stress. I wanted a pack of Lavander but they didn’t get more in stock.

My son knocked and came in my room to ask me if I wanted to play video games and he didn’t seem to notice what I was working on. Like I say, I don’t really hide it but I still keep my diaper station covered and diapers in the closet and I had to put the other ABU diapers behind the curtain. I have also been buying some IC shields that go in your underwear to use as stuffers I find at Goodwill. I have not found any size 6 or 7 diapers and I didn’t get the Pampers slip ons cruisers I saw yesterday at the store. The size said up to 37 lbs from 25 lbs.

My son doesn’t really look my way and he says “Don’t worry, I won’t look” and goes back to talking about playing Super Smash Bros with his cousins yesterday. I don’t know if that meant he knew what I was doing. I can’t read his mind. He also asked about the empty box and I said he could have it.

I organized my Simple diapers by baby girl and the kitty cat ones by Baby girl, kitty cat, baby girl and stack them on the shelf and put the Crinklz diapers on top of them and put the blanket over it. Then I played the game with my son. We did two ten minute rounds and won the first and lost the second.