Underwear fetish

I am reading a book called I’d Rather Eat Chocolate by Joan Sewell. In the book she writes in chapter 12 about how women get turned on by underwear so they will wear thong underwear or any other fancy type of underwear and lot of women want to feel sexual about themselves when they wear one.

I already knew there were men out there that get turned on by women in underwear and I was sure some women would just wear some sexy panties to turn their partner on.

It got me thinking if that is how people feel about their underwear, I am sure that is how ABDLs feel about their diapers. When I have worn underwear, I never wore it to feel sexy and turned on. I would just wear whatever I felt comfortable in and if I liked the look of it and I liked pattern underwear and ones with prints. I noticed most bikini underwear had prints on them and granny panties were boring and plain color or had boring patterns. Bikini underwear had Disney characters and even The Powerpuff Girls in women sizes and other prints. So I had to learn to like bikini underwear if I wanted childish looking underwear and if there were bikini underwear in girl sizes, I could also start wearing some myself. So at 15, I started to wear more bikini underwear even though I had low rise underwear at age 14 and they were the 7 days of the week underwear. But they were still bikini underwear.

Years later I had tossed it all out because they were all worn and no way would anyone want to buy them and they would have been tossed out if I had donated them to charity or Goodwill. I had only a couple pairs that were still in good shape so I sold those at a yard sale. Another reason why I wore underwear was because it was what we all did and plus it was to catch my vaginal discharge and I needed something to hold my pad when I’d get my period. I was shocked to find out as an adult how not everyone wears underwear including women and I wonder what do they do about their period? Hopefully they are wearing something or do they wear a pull up? I also wonder what about their vagina discharge, so they just drip it down their legs or in their crotch area onto their pants? Even I found out my mom always had slept naked even without underwear on so I asked her didn’t she get vagina discharge on her sheets on on her legs? She said she didn’t. I guess not all women have lot of it and they only have very little and I always had tons of it so I would drip it. I guess that is why those small pads exist. I started to use toilet paper in my teens because I got tired of feeling wet in my crotch and dripping through my underwear. Now I don’t think about it anymore because I now wear diapers and I can just drip it into my diaper. I do the same with my period too. I don’t really have it bad because of the IUD so I just spot or it’s only in my vagina and I see it when I wipe.

I feel the same way about diapers, I don’t wear them to get a thrill out of it or to get off on wearing them under my clothes like I did with underwear when I wore them.

If women can wear underwear under their clothes to feel sexual about it, how is a diaper any different? I say this because I have seen ABDLs say how one shouldn’t wear their kink under their clothes and it’s forcing it on others. So I will say, how is doing this with underwear any different, some women wear sexy panties under their clothes to feel sexual about themselves, same reason as why some DLs might wear a diaper under their clothes to feel sexual. When I think about it like this, the whole “wearing your diaper under your clothes is forcing your kink on others” sounds ridiculous. I have also read on Fetlife in comments that DLs wear their diaper out in public to get a thrill and hoping to get caught. Talk about projection, that isn’t why I do it. I don’t doubt that is what some DLs do.

I am totally enjoying the rest of the book and chapter 18 made me laugh because she wrote about her ideal episode on Oprah Winfrey, instead of women trying to raise their libido, it’s about men trying to lower their libido and it’s wrecking their marriage and making women leave them and I was laughing on the train while I started reading it because it was so funny. It made me realize that sex really is over rated as I have always felt before. Why are women treated as broken for not having a high sex drive? I don’t normally relate to other women but I related to this part this time about what she expressed about how she feels about men and their high sex drives and how society is way too obsessed with sex. I used to get frustrated with my husband about him wanting sex and I would suggest he go look at porn or go give himself a hand job or go get a sex doll or a fleshlight and none of these were good enough because he wanted me.

So what would I do about it? I would try to avoid doing anything that would get him turned on. Can’t walk around wearing only a diaper, can’t dress up as a ABaby, can’t even be in the same room as him or he will want sex. I used to just wish he would lose his sex drive and one day it happened, his medical condition got worse, now he is always in more pain so he often can’t have sex but as in return, he is now disabled and I mean he can no longer work and is now on disability. Boy did I get my wish. Be careful what you wish for folks. In this book I am reading, this author also wishes her husband would end up in a wheelchair or something so he can’t have sex. Then she wrote that is awful of her to even wish such a thing on him. Yeah I totally get it, I used to wish my husband would just get a sex change I used to call it so he would be female and not have a high of sex drive. Then he would have been female. I did find out in the book that some women do take hormones, the same pills transgender people take, to raise their sex drive but the side affect is getting male traits so is that why there are cis women with facial hair or have masculine looks? The author wrote why couldn’t men take pills to lower their sex drive but they wouldn’t want to take them and have risks of feminine features so why should women?

I am curious how others would feel about this author. Time to hit the reviews I guess.