Things ABDLs make up

Sometimes we hear crazy things in the community about ABDLism. I think we get so paranoid, we start to make shit up. I remember when I was 17, I was convinced you would be fired if they found out you were wearing a diaper. I believed this as a young adult too so when I decided to go 24/7 at age of 21, I only wore Goodnites to work. Yes I would leak there from time to time and it was pretty obvious and no one said anything about it. They had to have noticed but didn’t say a word. Then I moved to another state and get a new job two months later and I wear real diapers there and decided “they won’t know I didn’t wear them before so I can wear them now and they won’t know.” Then I quit 24/7 because I wanted to keep my bladder strong and I read online that feeling the need to go more often was a sign of losing bladder control. Now I think that was just some made up shit there. But I never could wear a real diaper to work again because how could I explain why I wasn’t wearing a diaper anymore and then was again?

I had an online friend say when I was 17 years of age that if anyone fired him for wearing a diaper, he would sue them. Even other people were telling me I can’t get fired for wearing a diaper, I could be incontinent. Even one person tried talking me into wearing 24/7 at 17 years of age and told me people would just think I am incontinent if they realized I had one on. But back then it was not possible due to my diaper phobic mother and because I didn’t have a job and I didn’t make enough allowance to wear diapers 24/7 and I couldn’t buy online so all I had were Wal Mart and the local grocery store. My dad was more liberal about it then because he said I was old enough to make my own decisions and it was probably just a phase and I would grow out of it. Then he said it was probably their fault because they let me wear them as a toddler and didn’t think it was a big deal. They knew I liked wearing them then and didn’t find it a big deal. I was only two and had plenty of time for me to be out of diapers and because I was special needs, they were still able to enroll me into daycare at age 3 unless that daycare took older kids in diapers.

Even my mom had made stuff up about it when I was in 6th grade. Told me none of this was real and people post make believe on the internet, told me I would also lose bladder control if I wore diapers, no one would want to share a dorm with me because they wouldn’t want to smell any diapers. No one would want to marry me either or hire me because of the smelly diapers. My life would be going backwards. Congratulations Mom, I have believed for many years you didn’t like incontinent people because no one would want to deal with the smelly diapers and telling me you wouldn’t have married my father if he wore diapers. I just thought for many years you would not like incontinent people because of their smelly diapers. I had to find out at 17 that was all a big lie and if incontinent people still got married and had kids and went to college, then you can wear diapers and still live a normal life. I am pretty sure mom had told me that lie to get me to stop liking diapers and congratulations, it worked, I put it in a chest and buried it under crap. Now I had lived in denial for 5 years and thought I could get myself to not like them but I was back on ABDL sites again at age 14 and I just couldn’t stay away from that stuff. I did go to DPF at age 13 and then stopped going thinking I could stop liking it. I guess you could call this my own version of the binge and purge cycle. But I slowly unburied that chest from the crap I had buried it under and slowly opened it and I would say it was officially opened when I realized I am a diaper lover and admitted I like diapers and want to wear them. No more lying to myself and pretending. I had been pretending all these years and lying about it to me.

Now fast forward to when I am 22, my mom is so happy I am not wearing 24/7 anymore and tells me I can’t wear them when I am pregnant because then they won’t fit me. I tell her you get bigger sized diapers then as your belly gets too big for the size you wear. Then she told me wearing diapers hurts the baby and the infection will go up your vagina and infect the baby. I knew this was an obvious lie or how else do you explain incontinent women having kids. Had they endangered their fetus? I think she was at it again with her tale to scare me. I wore them in both pregnancies and both babies were fine.

Another tale she told me when my son was an infant was me wearing diapers would be so bad for him and would affect him and I knew that was a bunch of baloney or else kids would be affected by their parents incontinence. I have even been told online by other ABDLs that I better be saving money for a therapist because I will need it for my kids and that my kid is aggressive because I am wearing diapers. More lies there.

More tales I have heard in this community is if you don’t potty train your children, CPS will come and take them away. I told my mom this at age of 28 when I was pregnant with my daughter and she told me “how are they going to prove you are not potty training your children, some kids are later than others, you were hard to potty train and couldn’t get you out of them until you saw what your brother looked like and saw his messy diaper. I bet someone made that up on the internet to scare diaper lovers to potty train their kids.” I must say I fell for this tale.

Another crazy thing I heard on ADISC from someone is how you can’t work certain jobs with diapers like you can’t work around food. I thought that was baloney and there is someone on Dailydiapers that works as a chef and he is incontinent due to his obesity. I don’t think he posts there anymore because I haven’t seen any posts about his weight issues or his job as a chef and his son having to help him with his shoes and his wife having to help him into a clean diaper. I remember him saying his diapers were a size of a pillow.

Now another crazy thing I hear from time to time is having to prove your medical need for you to wear diapers. One of them is if you are working with small children and I think that is ludicrous. Diapers are medical, why do they need someone to prove they are not ABDL just because they wear a diaper? What about women who wear pull ups or pads because of childbirth or due to aging and now they leak urine or don’t always make it to the bathroom? Do they now have to rush to make an appointment and tell their doctor about their bladder leakage just so they can put it in their computer system and print it out and hand it to them?

I recently got into a argument about this with an online friend and now I don’t want to speak to him because he pissed me off AGAIN. Now unless someone walks into work wearing an AB outfit or obviously dressed up like a little and is obviously padded, then that would be another story. They have made it very obvious they are bringing their kink to work and engaging in it than leaving it at home. Go to work wearing your normal clothes and diaper underneath, no one is going to know and even if they do find out you wear a diaper, they are not going to care. It’s not like you were obviously padded or wearing a bunch of diapers making them thick and noticeable. That stays home. But anyway, there is a blog on Tumblr by someone who goes by the name of Sereh and she wants to be a preschool teacher and has completely unpotty trained herself and lied to the doctors about having bladder problems so it can get documented in the system so she can prove her medical need for diapers for her teaching job. Talk about paranoid she is so she had to make up a tale to her doctors and my online friend believes this is true what they do to incontinent people and actually endorses it and thinks this is all okay and not ableism because he doesn’t think ABDLs should be around small children. So incontinent people have to prove they are not a ABDL, what about if they were a ABDL too? Now can they not work with them either? I mean what’s next, having to prove your medical need for taking medication so you can prove you are not a druggie? What about taking insulin or an inhaler? Are they going to make you have medical proof for those too? I see diapers as no different because they are a medical device.

Another shit that gets made up, ABDLs engage in their kink by working with small children and are guising it as a job. What’s next, people who are into nurse fetish engaging in their nursing kink when they work as an actual nurse at the hospital? Or what about school teacher or school girl? What about furries working with animals and in a pet store?

What other crazy tales have you heard about all this?

Relating to other ABDLs

Just this morning I saw a Tweet on Twitter by someone of how they don’t relate to other ABDLs. They don’t like pacifiers, don’t like messing and two other things. I couldn’t find that Tweet again when I refreshed my feed.

From time to time someone will bring up how they don’t fit in or are questioning their ABDLism. I have never questioned mine because there is no box and no criteria. It’s just a label anyone can take and put on themselves if they like diapers or have any desires or have one baby thing.

There have been things about it I don’t relate to like the binge and purge cycle. I have never tossed out all my baby and diaper stuff. I have never blocked my AB friends just to move on.

I don’t put on a bunch of diapers to make them real thick. To me that is just a waste of diaper. If I want thickness, I buy thick diapers which I do anyway. I have put on two diapers for more absorbency and that was it. I also use doublers when I have them and thinking about buying a pack from Northshore to use in cheap diapers and Supreme Lite.

Another thing that makes me different than other ABDLs are I am not into today kid shows like Paw Patrol. I have also been not into modern Disney animated movies but had only watched the latest ones due to the game I play.

Another thing about me is I outgrew bottles and sippy cups.

I decided I am an adult kid than an adult baby but yet I still like printed diapers and will get some from time to time. I still would like an adult sized crib and a nursery and put all my toys in there and my chapter books and kid books from my childhood and decorate the walls with wall stickers of Shopkins. But that won’t be for another 20 years when the kids are grown and moved out. I still like my pacifier I use for stress relief. I still like ABaby clothes.

I also don’t buy stocks of diapers and have a huge diaper stash. I don’t want to use my savings so spend hundreds of dollars and I don’t have room for all these diapers. These people will have a whole entire closet filled with them or have a whole entire bookshelf filled. I am not like that. I buy one case and order more when I get to my last pack from that case. I used to order two cases until our son started going to school because we needed to pay for preschool and then our daughter started going when he went to kindergarten. Now she will be in it the following year and we will have more money again. But buying two cases every other month, we are still spending the same amount of money but we are just buying every month now than spending double. But every other month it was like we had more money. Our diaper budget is $120 a month but I always spend less than that.

Then there are the extreme types I don’t understand. They are the ones who want to be a baby 24/7 and never adult and I couldn’t imagine having that life. I like my freedom and I admit never having to work again would be nice. My son often asks me what would I do if I got $2,000,000 and I always say I would quit my job and put it all in savings and live off interest. But when he asks if I had win it, my answer changes because you always have to give out your name and get a photo when you claim it and it makes you more vulnerable to lawsuits and fake friends, losing family members and real friends because they all start using you as a bank and buy them stuff or to get them out of debt. I tell my son it would all be horrible if I won that money.

I also don’t understand the need to go AB in public than leaving it at home. I don’t feel I am not being who I am if I don’t use my pacifier openly or wearing my AB overalls openly. I mean that stuff can stay in your home or you can wear it under your clothes or bath robe like I do from time to time. Another thing I don’t relate to with other ABDLs.

More things I do not relate to with other ABDLs:

I never felt sad or upset whenever my ABDLism would fade. I would just lose interest in diapers and engaging in it it wouldn’t bother me. Each time I thought I was over it but then it would always come back.

I never wore diapers to feel naughty and nasty and in fact I had always hated the feeling.

I don’t wear them for a thrill to not get caught nor do I wear them out in public for a thrill as a hope to get caught.

I don’t feel the need to let everyone know I wear diapers. I just feel it isn’t anyone’s business. If they find out, they won’t confront me about it. Only people who have were my aunt and uncle here because I was living with them and I was stinking up their outside trash can with my diapers and throwing my used ones in the closet in the spare room, I was staying in for me to take out later when they are gone. They must have looked in my room while I was at work and they found my clean diapers and my used ones in a bag in the closet with their other clothes they kept in there and their shoes too. Or maybe they just happened to go in there to look for something and they found them. But that was how I got my diaper pail. My parents have also confronted me about it when they find out and that was it.

I let diapers become normal than only wearing to keep the thrill and I wear 24/7 just to keep them off my mind and I feel normal.

I have one online friend who lives in Ohio and he has been told by other ABs he is not a real AB because he doesn’t watch children shows and doesn’t like cute things. He likes Dallas and CHIPS and his sports and he drinks his beer in a baby bottle. Talk about gate keeping. That is something he doesn’t relate to other ABs.

And one last thing, little space. I never understand the meaning of it and why it’s even a thing. When I watch a children’s show from my childhood or decide to use a pacifier or look at my Shopkins or Happy Meal toys, I don’t call it my little space. I just see it as me engaging in one of my normal activities. Same as if I get in the mood to wear an AB outfit. I have never called it a little space and makes no sense to me when I am just being myself. Minus the AB stuff, I would still do the other stuff if I weren’t an ABDL.

I am pretty sure there are many things other ABDLs do I am not into and it would sound foreign to me. I never got into the erotic ABDL stories because they are mixed with other kinks like bondage and BDSM and slavery and toilet slave and meh, not my thing. I am on the innocent side. I had to learn to like sex during a diaper change though and you have to thank my husband for that. But I will only go that far and nothing further. I guess I got into the rape thing because I joke I am being raped by him because little girls don’t have sex and he goes “adult baby girls do” and I know how much sex is important to him and it would be selfish of me to not ever have it with him so I let him fuck me during my diaper change. If he just let me say no, he would never get it from me so I decided to just let him have it whenever he wants. It’s not like he has a high libido or is highly sexual or oversexual. It’s rare when I even feel the urge to have it so I let him make that decision because he is daddy and I am not allowed to say no. I do often wonder now if I am really a gray-a or do I just have a low libido but that is another story.