Adventures of a very messy diaper

It was nearly time to take my son to his reading program and I had a messy diaper to change. My husband was still in bed sleeping and I go in there and I pull down my pants and undo my onesie. It was so nice I didn’t have to take everything off.

But when I opened my diaper, I didn’t realize how big the mess was. I realized it had spread all the way up my butt and some of it fell in the diaper I was taking off. I wipe some of the poo off with the back of the diaper and it took me a bunch of wipes to clean up. Lot of it even got on my hand and I had to be very careful I got none of it on the clothes. It took me longer than normal to clean myself up and I also saw the inside of my diaper and I was wetter than I realized because of how wet and yellow the middle is.

Because of how long it took me to clean it all up, my husband had to help me get our son ready because he never got himself ready while I was getting ready and he was being picky about what shirt and socks to wear and I had to yank him and push him since I can’t carry him and I just grabbed a random shirt out of the drawer and my husband made him put it on and I had to pull him outside and push him in my car and slam the door closed and he yelled and screamed on the way and then by the time we got there he was over the tantrum and was back to normal like nothing had ever happened. I guess next time, change out of my messy diaper sooner. I feel all this was caused by a messy diaper I made and if I had cleaned up sooner, my son would have had more time to go through his shirts and wouldn’t have had that tantrum again and I wouldn’t have been rushing him telling him to keep his shirt on next time and get ready when I tell him to. We also made it there in time and I was able to find the class because they had up signs and arrows pointing to the direction so that made it a lot easier for me and we still got there ten minutes early. But I still need to have better planning before leaving so me and my son are not fighting because he likes to take his time and go slow and I am running around the last minute trying to get him ready because he failed to get himself ready and there is a screaming match between us and then my husband shouting at him too and threatening to spank him. I have no idea how I would do this without him. I imagine we would always be late to things.

After the clean up, I opened the window to air it out and I put on some cream and then a fresh diaper and I threw my other one away and cleaned all the poo off my fingers and made sure I got it all off. Then I snapped my onsie closed and pulled my pants back up and retied the whatever it is called. it’s like a belt but it goes around your pants like a belt for decoration and it came with these pants when I got them at 18 years of age when mom and I went school shopping for the new school year. Now they just fall down on me even with a thick diaper.

I don’t often have big messes to clean. I use adult wipes when I do but with all the other messes I use baby wipes.