No more toilets challenge

My birthday is coming up in 4 weeks. I already got a birthday present from daddy, it was that Game Over onesie. Amazon came and dropped it off and I got a email about it but it wasn’t at either door. I got scared someone had stolen it already or maybe the carrier did. So I went to my account and tracked the package and I saw the package was on our patio and they had just tossed it on the ground next to the busted frog which my dad said he would clean up the other day. So I went out there and got it.

I had decided on something. Since I have always wanted to be fully dependent on diapers and do everything in them, I had decided I will mind as well start bringing some extra diapers with for in case I have to do a bowel movement when I am out of the house and then go change. I am already carrying a diaper bag around and the other day I had used my hiking back pack because I had decided to carry one extra diaper so I put my other stuff in it too I keep in my purse.

At work yesterday I had used my regular diaper bag again because I only had one extra diaper and I decided to not change into a fresh one before work so I put on my Hello Kitty plastic pants and wore them to work. I had a slight leak when I got off the train after work and I didn’t know I had badly leaked until my husband took them off for my diaper change. They were dripping and the diaper was wet and on the outside too. I did wash the pants in the sink after the sex and diaper change. Then I just hung them up on the hanger above the sink and then turned the washer on because I had clothes in it that needed to be washed and I am washing my work shirts and my skinny jeans I leaked on.

I decided after my birthday, how many days can I go without even using the toilet. That means possibly going through some extra diapers a day due to poop. I put a clean diaper on and then I already have to make a BM a few hours later or even an hour later. If it gets too expensive, I can always just go back to using the toilet again for number 2’s to save on diapers and I only mess in them if I am going to change it anyway or have had it on for too long so I would have a reason to change. Daddy won’t know I am breaking the rule. I am supposed to be doing everything in them and not ever use the toilet. I also don’t want to be taking Nullo or Devrom because of how expensive they are and because you have to take so many of them a day for them to be effective. They are also used for body odor too, some people have very bad BO when they sweat so they might take those pills too.

Last time I did something like this was when I was 19 ( I might have done that same challenge again in later life but can’t remember) and it was with an eating disorder when I was throwing up my food but that is another story. I will say I haven’t done that in a real long time and my teeth are fine but maybe that is why they are yellow now. I sometimes worry it will come back so I work out and just control my food portions and limit sweets and I feel more empowered that way. Eating disorders are no fun.

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  1. I didn’t know you had eating disorders, I only can imagine how hard must be, but good for you still having all your teeth even they look yellow trust me is better than nothing. I’m looking forward to know how will go your no toilet challenge so please keep us updated.

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