A fantasy I want to try

A thought popped in my head. My family is planning on going to Montana in August and I requested vacation time again.

A fantasy came to my head, more like a social experiment, Montana is a conservative state so it made me think how me and my husband shall go out alone to Missoula or Kalispell, just the two of us and I am dressed up like a baby, an obvious baby and I carry a diaper bag around and I am obviously diapered. Then we will both see how much attention we get. How do people react, will conservatives feel threatened by something unusual and give me trouble about it? They hate change. Or will they go the liberal route and say nothing and just ignore it? Would it be because they are secretly judging us or because they wouldn’t dare to confront you because you could be one of those crazy leftists?

I told my husband about it and he liked the idea and said he will do it too, dress him up like a baby and I am the normal one and we will see what different reactions we get between a man and woman doing it. We will both take turns and do it two days in a row.

Now this is just an idea here, it doesn’t mean we will actually do it. Anything there could be preventing us from doing it or maybe it will be because we didn’t get the courage to do it. Do I really want to be seen like that by my family, what about by my brothers’ friends if they are there? What about our kids? I have thought we could always change in a restroom after we leave and no one would know. Then we change back into our regular clothes when we go home.

We can’t do that here in the West coast where everyone is too liberal because no one isn’t going to care. Plus we live in a city where our motto is to keep everything weird so if I went out as an obvious baby and obviously padded, I doubt that is going to get me any attention and everyone is just going to carry on and mind their business and act like they don’t notice. I have already done this twice at a nude beach (or maybe 3), go and be there diapered and have nothing on and how much attention had I gotten, almost zero. Last time I did it, I only got attention from 1 person and that was it. But we did get lot of stares and that was it. But no one cared.

And we also don’t want to be doing it in two small towns where I grew up because I don’t want to be seen by people I knew as a teen. In small towns you are most likely to run into people you know. Then what am I going to explain to them? That I am just doing some social experiment to see what reactions I get for how I am dressed? That I had lost a bet perhaps or that I did a dare and now I must take photos now to show that I actually did it?