Figuring out my diaper preference

I started wearing diapers again when I was 17. I just randomly bought a pack and it was Western Family Sure Comfort. They were $11.99 per pack. Then the store stopped selling them and had them on sale for $9.99 I remember how noisy they were and I wondered how incontinent people wore them without anyone noticing and they made by bottom look fat. Looking back, I would say they were fair diapers and I would go through 4 a day if I wore full time for the weekend. That is about average use for diapers.

Back then, it was just a diaper so it didn’t matter what kind they were and how thin they were or how they felt, at least it was a diaper. I would also buy the cheapest cases out there and I always wore different ones back then too. I would also use plastic pants over my diapers and they often wore out because I always bought generic plastic pants and they were cheap. It took me a while to figure out what diapers I preferred and starting to become picky about how they feel and fit. I also used to go to thrift stores and just buy diapers there and buy whatever they had. I don’t do that anymore because their diapers suck and it’s always cheap brands. I just go online now to order more diapers when I am down to my last pack.

I had figured out I like thick diapers, plastic backed, good odor control, and I like Tena Slip Maxi despite how thin they are but I can still feel them. I will still try other brands from time to time so I will go to Wearing Clouds and try some or just buy a pack of a different brand so I did that with Northshore Supreme Lite purple when I ordered a case of Northshore Supremes because I liked the color even though they don’t hold as much but they are like other diapers I used to wear. I now like diapers where I don’t have to change all day because of how much they hold and it’s cheaper too.

I will still buy from Goodwill sometimes so I once got Attends and they suck. They barely hold anything now. When I wore some in 2003, they were dated from 1995 and maybe 2001 and they held well then. I once got Shopko brand diapers I found at a second hand store in Montana and they barely held anything so I got rid of them. My mom saw them in the junk pile we were getting rid of and asked me why I was getting rid of them, can I not pee in them enough. I told her they sucked and they barely hold one normal wetting and I like real diapers. She asked me what do I do, flood them. I told her not like the rest of them can in the toilet and I can’t even pee normal anymore because my bladder is used to having no pee so I always feel I have to go. Then that was the end of that discussion.

There have been other premium diapers I wore I decided I didn’t like:

Molicare Super Plus because they bunch up, even after one small wetting.

ATN Tranquility because they have gotten too thin and I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything.

Abena M4, gotten thinner and they bunch up and the odor control is bad.

Wellness Brief because they are also too thin and last time I wore the, they just worked like the Supreme Lite. I think the blue color is ugly anyway.

Sure I would still buy other brands, even these if I see them at a thriftshop because I like having back up diapers.

I know another way of saving on diapers is go buy diapers you see at second hand stores, go buy baby diapers in stores or boosters and use them as boosters. I would not recommend Luvs because they gels fly all over and it makes a mess and you see crystals everywhere and it gets all over your skin. Do not buy Luvs. Pampers are fine, though, they are the most expensive. I would stick with other brands but stay away from Luvs. I would only do this if you hit on hard times. Do the math and see if you have really saved any money. If not, then stick with what you usually get.

I recently found IC pads at Goodwill so I bought the pack and I don’t know yet if they are good for boosters, just cut the slit in them and open them and stick them in there.

But my top diapers are:

Better Dry


Northshore Supreme

I am keeping Dry 24/7s off the list because I need a size small and I have not seen that size in months. I will just keep the three above as my primary diapers and still buy others if I find any on sale or even buy a pack of other diapers like Dotty the Pony or Supreme Lite while I buy a new case. Then those diapers would just be something for me to wear sometimes when I am in the mood.

Plus another way to save money is just buy stickers and put them on your white diapers and put mailing tape on the front over the stickers to hold them in place. Forget the pricey printed diapers that are so over priced and tend to suck anyway because they are not as good as the premium non ABDL diapers. They either don’t hold as much or the odor control is bad. You can go to thrift stores or Goodwill and find stickers there because I am always finding some there. I even have a box full of stickers because my husband found it at a Goodwill. I have other stickers too around in my bedroom I had also found at Goodwill.

I also decided I did not like pull ups because they don’t work like toddler pull ups. A toddler can fully pee in a pull up because they are made for accidents and then it needs to be changed. An adult pull up is only made for bladder leakage and for those who can still make it to the toilet. It’s also made for people who can stop the flow once they start. Unless I see a pull up out there that can hold as much as a Supreme Lite, I might reconsider. But I can imagine how expensive it would be so I would unlikely buy. I got rid of all the pull ups I had including the Always Discreet and gave them to Goodwill.