Dorm rooms again

So I volunteered to clean dorm rooms all this week and on Monday just for extra money for car insurance so it’s extra money right there. That means I had no day off and I used my weekend to clean them too and it’s only for one week so I can handle that.

I bring one diaper this time and it’s a Crinklz one instead of a Supreme Lite one. I totally soaked that one in a few hours and changed before I went to bed because it was saggy and uncomfortable and what do you know, it was also wet in the back so no wonder it felt uncomfortable.

I come with the same diaper bag and I was finally given a shirt and I changed into that. I also had on a different pair of jeans that are wearing out so they are already starting to rip and I had on my work shirt that was a different pair because the other ones smelled like urine so I had to toss them down the chute and wear fresh clean ones. I don’t want to smell like piss. You will smell like piss if you wear clothes that smell like it.

I had to change my diaper around six pm because it was uncomfortable and it was starting to smell I think and because I had it on since I went to bed and I was starting to feel sort down there so I changed in the bathroom and it was only wet in the middle but it still smelled. I had it on long enough so it was time to change and I wasn’t wasting it. I drank 3 bottles of water and I still didn’t pee much but maybe because it was hot. I had my Red Bulls with I had bought on the way and I was craving them badly. I had cash and I found some extra bucks in my diaper bag. I bought 3 for $7, plus the extra 30 cents due to bottle deposit. But I didn’t drink them because I didn’t feel like it and didn’t have the desire and I guess it was because it was hot out. If I drank it, I would be peeing a lot and I would get dehydrated and then get bad headaches. So they stayed in my diaper bag all day long in the flaps where the bottles would go.

This time there was no trash bag with garbage in the dorm room so I put my used diaper in the plastic bag and tied it and shoved it in the corner by the toilet. Then I went back to work.

At the end of the day, my manager was asking everyone if anyone needed to use the bathroom before they clean the dorm. I got my trash bag with trash and went to the dorm and my used diaper was still there so I put it in the trash bag and left the garbage right out the door for someone to collect when they collect garbage. The diaper did smell when I picked it up. The smell went through the plastic. That is why I didn’t want to carry it in my bag.

Tomorrow I will only be working part time and then I have to go to my real work. But still extra money there I am getting, $18 an hour. I should say today since it’s after midnight. If I wanted full time extra shifts, I could pick the morning one but then I would have to get up at 5 AM and I don’t want to. I will take the summer heat over getting up earlier than I do for my kids during the school year.

No one questioned me why I was taking my bag with me to the bathroom, no one questioned why I was taking the trash with me to the restroom. I used to have these fears when I started wearing 24/7 (before I was forced) and would be stuck in a wet diaper and be uncomfortable in it but would suck it up. Then I would have leaks (even with plastic pants)and that would be even more embarrassing and then I got used to it when I saw no one says anything about it. I am sure now people have noticed and said nothing. I remember at my old work, I would be told by an office clerk “You can get changed now” and I assumed they meant back into my street clothes from my work uniform when my shift was over. But I wondered then if they knew because it’s strange to tell someone that when they already do get changed into their normal clothes.