Dorm cleaning time again

I decided to sign up to clean college dorms with my work and they pay us more money. Last year they paid us over time and we didn’t have to go to our regular work if we were cleaning dorms so I went most days and got some extra money that way and it made up for my short pay checks I have had from being in a play.

I sign up again this year and I found it disappointing they were doing it differently this year. Paying us only $18 an hour this time and we still have to go to our regular job but at least we don’t have to be stuck in a dorm room until it is purr-fect.

I brought my diaper bag this time and I had packed two extra diapers and two plastic bags and wipes and cream and I had my wallet in there and my phone and charger and my Nintendo Switch and my work badge and my headphones.

While I was cleaning the first dorm, I noticed a urine smell on me and my diaper was wet but not bad. I had it on since last night but didn’t use it until this morning when I got out of bed. It wasn’t a big pee at all. Then finally in the second dorm we were cleaning, I grabbed my diaper bag and headed for the “restroom.” It was in one of the dorm rooms they were using as the janitor closet where they put all the supplies and that was the bathroom they had for all their employees to use and they were calling it a restroom. I mentioned to my cleaning buddies my husband won’t stop calling our bathrooms the restroom in our house so I have thought about getting a restroom sign and putting it on our bathroom doors as a joke. We call public bathrooms restrooms and toilets at home bathrooms.

I go to the bathroom and I close the door and realized there was a crack between the wall and the door. It was a sliding door. I thought no one is going to see me unless they open it and I will just stand away from the door.

I changed and I put the diaper in a plastic bag and tie it. Now I had to figure out what to do with it since I didn’t want it in my diaper bag. I thought about tossing it in the corner by the toilet, no I can’t litter. Then I thought about putting it under the sink and I will deal with it later so I put it there. Then I opened the door and what do you know, I see two bags full of trash. I grab the trash bad and put my diaper in there and put the trash bag back. I also didn’t want to carry the used diaper with me and throw it in my own trash bag and have my cleaning buddies see it when they toss stuff in there. You could see the diaper through the bag.

I know I have written in this blog before about not caring if people find out or even worrying if my shirt rides up, I don’t want to be making it so obvious I wear them by flaunting it and parading them around and I would rather be discreet about it. I’m not very open about it like some diaper wearers are. I guess I did the challenge of wearing my wet diaper there that could hold a lot more and being prepared I might need changed so bring some extras and bring the diaper bag and I put my water bottle in one of the bottle holders. They were giving out a bunch of water because it gets hot in the dorms. I found out it wasn’t so bad when I changed. And I had a dry evening because I only wet my new diaper once despite drinking water. I guess when it is hot and you sweat, you don’t pee much but I don’t even sweat much when I am hot. My skin gets sticky and that’s it and having some cool air blowing on you also keeps me from sweating a bunch. That is why I avoid working out in hot weather and exercising. I will turn on a fan or open my window if I am hot and I take my shirt off in my sleep when I am hot. I used to sleep naked in the summer and would only sleep in my bra and diaper and socks and sleep under a sheet than a blanket. I would have window and mini fan blowing at me. Now I can’t do that anymore, sleep naked. Son comes in my room so I am trying to get him to sleep on his own.