Messy work out

It’s rare for me to change into a fresh diaper and then need to change again in 4 hrs.

I changed close to 7 am and my husband got me a Red Bull after 9 am. I had a whole can and I guess it made me pre a lot. I also felt the urge to poop. The pain got bad and then I decided to have a reason to go work out. I also felt a little wet spot on my pants. I guess I will mess my diaper so I have a reason to change.

I put a load in and I work out in it. I also wanted to be sure I had all urine out and not peeing so much anymore. It felt weird working out in my diaper because of the mess and I didn’t need to sit on any cushions because my diaper had enough padding from the urine and poo. I could also smell the mess. Good thing I had put shorts on because my son came in. I wanted to work out in my shirt and diaper but it was too risky. But at least he knocked and I let him in. Then I had to kick him out after the work out so I could change. He didn’t seem to notice anything.

I have been in a fresh diaper now for over an hour and I am barely even wet.

Favorite stories

I am sure we all have favorite stories. I will even keep books that are my favorite like 101 Dalmatians novel, Jurassic Park novel, but how many of us save ABDL stories to our computer that are our favorite? I used to just print them off but have lost them. I also don’t bother saving any stories because of memory and from my experience, saving it to a disc or something, it eventually stops working.

One of my favorite stories was Anita Trials which I already wrote about. My other favorites were Ashley Diaper’s Adventure which I already wrote about.

I remember one other story I liked that was posted at Bravenet, it was called Ben and the Diaper Store. Ben was some man in his twenties who was looking for a job and he gets a job at some store and he just needed money and didn’t care what the job was about. He was told he would be testing some products and he was like “sure, whatever” and they hire him. On the job it didn’t take long that he would have to be wearing diapers so he can help customers about it when they buy them so he can tell them how good they are. He develops a diaper fetish and starts to like diapers. The testing lasts for 6 months and then it ends and he gets sad because he misses them. But the store owners knew he liked them so they give him a case for Christmas and they also tell him they are also diaper lovers and have been happily diapered and the husband was also a bed wetter but decided he wanted to wear 24/7 and his mom let him. He was a kid then when he decided that. She said if he wanted to wear them in the day time, he would have to wear to school. Then he met his wife and she got into it too through him. I also wonder if Ben was gay because in the story there was a scene where he and his boss had sex during his diaper change and I remember someone leaving a comment to the chapter saying he needed to get back in the closet. I realize now this was a homophobic comment and this was 2002 so back then people still believed homosexuality was something you kept in your bedroom. This was even a leftist belief too, now it would be a right wing belief because we have evolved. Even I thought then “Do I need to even know you’re gay? Why do we need to know this?” I just didn’t care if you were gay or not but couldn’t understand why you would want to “flaunt it.” This was a story I had lost. Basically his boss had cheated on his wife and I also wonder if he might have been bisexual. Or he could have been in the closet and hadn’t come out yet.

Another favorite story I had was The Diapering Adventures of Craig. This was also posted on Bravenet and written by the same author of Ben and the Diaper Store I believe. Craig was a 25 year old man who was a high school science teacher. Because of these details about him, I pictured my own science teacher looking like him. Craig had a diaper fetish and he orders himself a case of diapers. His mom saw the package and looked and looked the name up online, I guess the package wasn’t so discreet, and she saw they were adult diapers. She goes out for coffee with her son and she asked him if he wore diapers. Craig plays dumb but his mom told him she saw the package and looked the name up online that was on the box and Craig makes up a lie. He tells her he had been having problems and has accidents sometimes. Instead his mom books him an appointment and she takes him out again but instead it’s to the doctor’s office. Doctors can’t find anything wrong so they suggest it might be stress. His mom decided to diaper him and take care of all the changes at her house during Christmas break. So there was Craig wearing diapers and his mom changing them and him having to wear them to keep his secret because he didn’t want her knowing he had a diaper fetish. Never lie to your parents folks. I remember at the end his family gives him diapers as a present because they somehow find out he liked them and didn’t have a medical problem and they accept it.

Sam and Jess, this was on daily Diapers and I read it a few years ago. I don’t know if it is still there. The forum has been attacked by malware several times so it eats away posts including stories. Sam was a 23 year old man and his wife Jess was 27. Sam was someone who was always wetting the bed and he also had a weak bladder so that meant he had to watch what he drank and go on a potty schedule and make sure he goes. But he was always irresponsible and couldn’t handle his problem so his wife Jess put him back in diapers. He eventually loses bladder control because he starts to use the diaper and I think his wife wanted him to get dependent on them too or else she would have just let him use the toilet when he needed to than making him wait. His wife might have also had a diaper fetish where she is into forced diapering and making someone wear them and use them and she just had an excuse for it and used his vulnerability because she knew he would be too weak to put up a fight. So the whole story is about him having accidents in his diaper and messing in them and her humiliating him by changing him in front of her friends. Jess also likes how the toilet stays clean now because Sam would make a mess on the toilet seat with his pee and get it all over on the floor too and he never cleaned it up. I even had it saved to my laptop but then everything got wiped off when I had viruses and the charger had stopped working so I had to take it in. My favorite part of the story was when he told him it’s fine to mess his diaper in front of her and he is always miserable when he tries to hold it and it’s going to happen anyway. Sam felt ashamed because it didn’t turn her on so she told him “Does me doing the dishes turn me on? I do them because it needs to be done.” She saw her changing them as something that needed to be done, so it’s more of a care giving role than a kink. Also Jess was happier with her husband in diapers because the bed stayed dry and the toilet stayed clean and it somehow improved their marriage. The story ends with Sam accepting he had a medical problem and needed diapers and it made his life easier.

I always like how authors will take a normal situation and put a ABDL twist to it and also take a medical issue and put a ABDL twist to it. That was why I also liked Adam’s Dark Side. You can get the book here:

To write a good ABDL story, mix it with normal issues and normal stuff with some fap and kink and make it be more than just ABDL. That always makes me like the story more. I never liked ABDL ebooks because it’s all pure fap and it lacks character development so we don’t know who this character is and don’t know anything about them. It’s all centered around BDSM, humiliation, bondage, diapers, etc. and that is all that happens in the story. But this story here was not centered around kink and it was about a man who is cursed with this fetish and tries to put it aside but he can’t and his wife won’t engage in it. He also does his kink with a friend that is also a woman but then realizes he is cheating on his wife. I got this book for free through a promotion he was doing. I think I still have it. But this is one of my favorites.

What’s your favorite ABDL story?