Slip ups

It is hard to keep the whole ABDL thing a secret without slipping up.

Over the years I had been wearing, it didn’t take long for my dad to find out because I didn’t delete a picture off his camera. I did off his computer and emptied the recycle bin. Then my mom found one under my bathroom sink because of the smell and I was taking photos of my used diapers and posting them to a yahoo group called Nasty Diapers. I was a minor then and just about to turn 18. My pacifiers have been found by my parents and my brothers because I would accidentally misplace it or I somehow left it out and didn’t realize it.

When I lived in my apartment, my diapers would be left out or my plastic pants and I would forget about them and someone would be over. Plus I would often forget about my laundry so my cloth diapers were always forgotten about in the washer so that meant neighbors saw them.

I wasn’t doing these things on purpose to be caught or discovered because I do this with normal stuff too but when you are into something uncommon or unusual, it becomes an issue because it makes it hard to hide it without anyone finding out. I am always impressed how anyone can keep anything hidden and a secret. I managed to go to ABDL websites from the ages of 15 without getting caught and then I did ate the age of 17. I was always clearing my history and closing the window curtain and kept the basement door closed so I could hear food steps and go to another page. I would keep multiple browsers open. But my parents didn’t pay attention to what I was doing online so that was why it was so easy and they weren’t randomly popping in the room without saying my name. I don’t know if I was starting to get careless when I was starting to get caught or if my parents just started to pay attention.

I have even accidentally walk around in my AB pajamas and my parents saw them, so did my son, my nutritionist, I would have them on and forget I had them on and I have even accidentally left my apartment with my pacifier or walked out of my room with it clipped on me. But luckily everyone thought my pajamas were cute. At least I have not walked out wearing only a diaper, I did that once with my underwear when I was 13. I go outside in Montana when it was very hot out to play in the creek and I feel something isn’t right. Then I discover I didn’t put my shorts on. But luckily we were in the country so not a problem, I just went back inside and put them back on and came back out.

Now today I had on my Little For Big shortalls and my WiiU disc wouldn’t play so I picked up my dirty shirt and went in the bathroom to get one part of it wet and my daughter was in the bathtub taking a bath. I realized I had just walked in there in my AB outfit but luckily she was too busy playing, she didn’t even look up and see me. I didn’t realize what had happened until after I had left the bathroom and realized what I had on. I had changed into it for my work out because it’s hard to work out in regular clothes and it’s easier to do with shorts and lighter clothing and I was feeling in the mood so AB outfit it was. I also wear my regular shirt under it too I got at H&M.

All this used to embarrass me and I got over it. No one says anything about it so I assume no one cares and if I get positive comments about it, that means no one cares so what am I worried about?

I am pretty sure my old neighbors knew I wore diapers and have figured out what unit they belonged to. But no one had ever said anything to me about it but we have gotten a couple passive aggressive notes about the cloth ones, mine and my son’s.

I live in a house now and I still forget to do laundry and forget about it. So when I wore cloth, my parents had to see my cloth diapers all the time in there and having to take them out for me and everything. Now I wear disposables and I don’t have to deal with cloth diapers anymore and the smell and I can wear all my clothes again. I think everyone was happy and we upgraded to a bigger trash can. Then the next challenge is remembering to take out the diapers. I will leave the bag out just to remind myself to take them out but sometimes I still forget. Sometimes they will be piling up outside the pail and finally I will grab a 13 gallon trash bag and put them all in there including the diapers from the pail that is full. It gets too gross I finally do something about it.

I am still wearing that Little For Big outfit but I have my robe on over it and I cleaned the laundry room because it was too messy and disorganized. It needed to be swept so I cleaned it just to sweep up all the dust and dirt and I found a bunch of trash bags and plastic bags and my old purse and clothes my daughter outgrew that need to be taken to Goodwill and I found my husband’s other diapers and I found a snow suit my kids outgrew so Goodwill pile it is. There are lot of stuff I would love to get rid of but lot of it is my parents stuff. I told my husband when they die, I will be getting rid of everything that is theirs I don’t want and he laughed. But that probably won’t be until I am in my 50’s or 60’s because they were in their 30’s when they had me, early to mid. I do want to get rid of my old PC desk and perhaps get rid of full set sheets and keep the twin sheets for my kids.