“What do you do at night?”

My son asked me this when I picked him up from school. I told him I do the computer and he asked me why I wanted him not in my bed and what do I do in there. I didn’t want to tell him I wanted my husband to change my diaper and we can’t do it when he is in there sleeping and I can’t use my pacifier when he is in there so I told him instead he needed to be in his own bed, I slept in my own bed when I was a kid, he needs to sleep in his own bed. Parents want their kids to sleep in their own beds and they want privacy.

His last day of school is this week so he asked me if he could sleep in my bed again as a last day of school present that day and I told him “stay out of my bed all this week and you can.” He gets excited and starts thanking me. Then I had to be more clear by telling him that means he also can’t be on my couch and he needs to stay out of my room and stay in his own bed at night.

I have no idea if he really takes things literal or if he is just finding loopholes to test his limits like most kids do. Now let’s see if he will be sleeping outside my bedroom door, at least he wouldn’t be in my room. I thought of that one too and decided I wouldn’t care if he decides to sleep right outside my door on the hardwood floor so I didn’t mention that.