During my diaper changes, it’s hard for me to tell if my husband is serious or not. He says he is so I wait until after the sex if he was actually serious because I ask him again if he was serious.

Last night he told me on a nice day he will take me out in the backyard in just my diaper and have me play on a blanket with baby toys and so everyone can see me. I asked him what about my parents and wouldn’t they see it and he goes “They already know you wear diapers.” I asked him “what about our kids?” and he said “They will be at my parents house for the weekend and I can do that to you or we can do that when they are in school.” I asked him about our neighbors too and he said he didn’t care because he isn’t wearing the diaper. I asked him about the kids next door that live diagonal from us and if they would see me and he goes “too bad” and he said he didn’t think they would see me because of the trees and the fence. Plus they are really little around my daughter’s age and younger. Plus next door to our house sometimes has kids too because the grand kids go there to visit and they have played with my kids through the medal fence and have shared snacks with each other and tossed stuff over at each other. I don’t want them to see me either or else “Hey, I saw your mom was wearing a diaper the other day and she was laying on a blanket with some toys, does she have problems or what?” and then what will my kids say about it? Or would they be confused because they wouldn’t know what they are talking about? Or maybe my son would put two and two together. Diapers in my room, hey those are not baby diapers, they are for grown ups and that is why her underwear is plastic. No I don’t want that. Also just imagine if those kids ran inside and said to their parents and grandparents that there is a lady in the other yard wearing a diaper. I wonder how they would explain it to them? Maybe pass it off as a medical issue and I am just relaxing getting a sun tan. But this is not the way I want to go. Maybe if we had trees all over where it was impossible to see the other yard then maybe I would go along with my husband’s fantasy. But I told him I would go on the back porch in a diaper only since you can’t see the other yards.

My husband also said he wanted me to put me in a short skirt and take me out like that so everyone can see my diaper and he wants everyone to see what a baby I am. He also said he wanted to dress me up like a baby to show everyone what a little girl I am.

After the sex, I asked him again when we were downstairs if he really meant all that or if he was just playing and he said he will only do that stuff if I wanted him to. He did put my pajamas on me but made me pick up my own wet diaper. The middle was destroyed. No wonder it felt uncomfortable and that was the reason why I wanted to change. I can’t believe I had it on for 24 hrs and it was only wet in the middle and it feels like I hadn’t peed that much so I stayed in the same diaper. It was a Crinklz.

One thought on “Fantasies

  1. Wow, your husband has some great ideas, but I wouldn’t want to be in public like that either. Crinklz are amazing, I totally believe 24 hours in one is doable on a warm day where a person didn’t drink much, heck if you didn’t mind stinking you could probably go 2 days in one. But the padding does tend to start to clump with alot of movement.

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