Oh god, I hope he didn’t hear me

I was on the computer and I was listening to TED Talk. I get hungry and I realize I ate at seven when I woke up so about four hours ago. I decide to eat something now and decided on a tortilla. I just use a raw one and put cheese on it and fold it and cook in the microwave for one minute. When I got up from the computer, I realized how soggy I was in the crotch area. I did also pee in it a little this morning when I woke up but this one felt more recent because of the feeling. My husband was in the kitchen and I said “I love it how I feel wet in the crotch and not even know I have wet it because it makes me feel like a baby.”

Then I am doing the dishes and my husband tells me “Your dad was in the dining room when you said that out loud.”

Oh god, I hope he didn’t hear me say that and I hope I wasn’t that loud. I hope he was too absorbed in whatever he is doing at the table to even pay attention to what I was saying.

I tell my husband, ‘Thanks for embarrassing me.”

My husband took it literal because he said, “you like that.”

I tell him “I was being sarcastic.”

He then tells me, “I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn’t do it again next time and you will be more careful.”

Then he was rubbing my diaper indicating it was showing so I said, “everyone in this house knows I wear them so I don’t really care if they show or not.” I have on some hiking pants and a long sleeve shirt with a butterfly on the chest. They only show when I bend or lean forward.