I have a pack of Northshore Lite purple. They are pretty thin so they are not as comfortable as the Supreme ones. Plus they left me a irritation on my skin. Just that one diaper.

Today I decided to change into another one from a Crinklz Astronaut. I put boosters in it I got as a sample from them and I opened both packs. I had a size small booster and a size medium. I opened both and saw mediums fit my diaper perfect and size small didn’t. But I used both. I put the medium booster in first and then the size small and I put the diaper on and it felt thick.

I am trying to wean myself off Red Bulls and go back to drinking water again but my husband had bought me a bunch of them so I found two of them in the fridge when I opened it. I drank both and brought one of them with me when I got my hair cut. They were packed so I spent my whole waiting time playing on my 3DS, Pic a Pix Color it was. It’s like color Picross. Picross is one of my favorite puzzles so I play them. I buy it and play and then go buy more puzzles when I am done.

I was drinking my Red Bull at the place while I waited and I had several accidents in my diaper while waiting. Then I finally was up and it was right before closing time and she got done with me just in time and I had wet my diaper again while I was paying and I felt it going to the back of my diaper. Then I went to Gamestop and found another puzzle game for the DS and bought it because it was only $2.99 and we just got paid. I had another accident in the store. My membership card expired last month and I was 1,000 something points short of having enough to renew my membership but decided to not renew it now since the game was only 3 bucks. I could already feel my diaper is wet.

I came home and my parents were back from Montana. My kids were excited to see them back. They had been gone for two weeks.