They really don’t pay attention

My kids are too wrapped up in their lives to even care what I do unless it’s candy and sweets or I come home with stuff. It has come to a point where I just hide stuff in my purse now or just leave it in the car or else my kids will wonder why I got stuff and they didn’t and then I would have to deal with the whining. They pay attention to food and toys but not to what I wear. They have found snacks in my room or different toys and I don’t mean adult toys because I don’t have any adult toys and not into that stuff even though I keep saying I want to get a dildo to punish my husband with. They have even found pacifiers and thought it was theirs when they were little and wanted to play with them but I told them no and said to stay out of my stuff and not get into anything that isn’t theirs. They have asked about my diapers in the past and they just thought they were baby diapers and thought it was theirs when they were little. Now they haven’t said anything about it in like over a year. They had stopped caring about it and now they care about candy and sweets and toys or video games from my son. He has found my Game Boy games and Game Gear games and GBC and GBA and asked what it all was and I told him and said that was the stuff we had in my childhood and this is what we all had before the Nintendo DS. He tried couple of them and didn’t like it. One of the fun things about being a parent is telling my children about my childhood and sharing my memories about it. My son thinks my childhood was boring because we didn’t have streaming and no youtube and the videogames are not like how they are now and we didn’t have online play. I thought the same about my parents’ childhood when I was a child. No VCRs, no cable, no video games. Now on with the story.

It was bed time and I need to shower but will do it later when I feel like it. I usually shower late at night because it’s what I am used to. I don’t like doing it in the day time or too early in the evening when it’s still daylight. While my kids were brushing their teeth, I had to open a new pack because I had used up my other diapers and this time it was Crinklz space kind. My son comes right in my room after I had uncovered my diaper station and pulled the pack out and I point to the door telling him “out.” He turns and leaves and I open the pack and after I had put the pack back and covered the diaper station again, my son comes back in my room and the diaper is laying on the floor. I just pick it up and grab my pajamas off my chest and then grab the top off my bed and I bury the diaper in my arms under the pajamas and my son didn’t really seem to notice because he said nothing about it even though the diaper was in clear site. Then I left my room and just dumped my stuff in the hallway across from the bathroom for later and the diaper is buried under my pajamas. My daughter was still in there brushing her teeth.

I don’t even try to keep my diapers a secret but I don’t flaunt it either.

Good thing for a spare

It became a good thing again I had brought a diaper with. I decided to bring the Supreme Lite the purple one.

I took my son to his school run. They were do I g a race thing and they were doing the kid dash and the regular run. They had snacks and free book giveaway per child. It was held on the playground and the parking lot is right next to it. So I was able to just sit in my car while my son played.

Towards the end, the urge to poop hit. I could have held it until I got home since the feeling wasn’t bad but since my diaper was wet anyway I had on from last night, I decided to just go in it so I have a reason to change and they had restrooms available. Plus I have a spare and I can just change after I go. So I let it out but I had to shift position and after a family next to me left in their car, I got out of mine and finished the rest. Then I was done and my son came running up to me. There was no smell and no one knew what I did. I grabbed my diaper bag and went in the school to change. They had the cafeteria opened for the restrooms. I went in the girls and changed in the regular stall.

There wasn’t much poop but I cleaned up over the toilet and the rest came out. I actually pushed to make sure I had everything out. Then I threw the diaper away in the trash barrel. Then I washed my hands and they had the sinks outside the restrooms and they were marked by gender. I found that to be very strange because they are a LGBT school. But yet they assign gender to sinks? It was just too funny so I had to take a photo and share it making a joke.

I also urinated in my clean diaper after I had put it on and I hadn’t even left the stall. It wasn’t a lot, just a little bit. Then I felt a lot better because a fresh diaper feels good after being in a wet one.

If I keep bringing a spare, I can just keep shitting in them and then go change but just make sure I am in a isolated area and there are restrooms nearby and if I want to go through an extra diaper.