Good thing I brought a spare

I used to always carry an extra diaper with until that purse got worn out and I couldn’t find another purse that would hide my diaper in it. So I hadn’t been taking an extra one with and when I go, it’s usually in the Hello Kitty diaper bag and I don’t really like using it because of the size so I use my other Hello Kitty purse my mom in law got me. Now that is ripping too.

I had background work again so I got dressed in black as they requested and headed there and I took my backpack with and put an extra diaper in it and rash cream and wipes and I had some extra clothes for just in case my wardrobe wasn’t good enough. Well it wasn’t good enough and everyone had to check with the wardrobe person and I wait in line and then my turn was next and she gives me this blouse to wear and I was expected to change into it right there. I knew my diaper would show if I took my top off and she must have picked up in my body language that I was uncomfortable because she said something about it. She asked me if I didn’t want to change into it and I pull my pants up and look down and see my diaper is well tucked in and I take my top off and put the shirt on and button it. Then I had to go out on the set and sit with the other extras in the audience. I could hear a slight crinkle in my diaper but I didn’t worry about it. I also felt soggy too all of a sudden but didn’t worry about it either. During the shooting I was noticing a urine smell and I knew I better change when we get a break.

Break time comes and I grab my backpack and go to the restrooms to change and no one asks me about my bag. I also had to wait in line and then my turn came and they had a trash bin in the restroom, those trash bins people put on their curb for the city to pick up on garbage pick up day. I changed into a fresh diaper and I didn’t even need to use the plastic bag I had brought along because I just tossed it in the trash and washed my hands and left. I felt all nice and dry again.

Good thing I brought an extra diaper along and I should try and get into that habit again. I can perhaps hide my spare diaper inside the plastic bag so it never exposes when I open my diaper bag.

Then at the end of the shooting, I changed back into my shirt in the restroom because the top of my diaper was exposed above my pants. I am still not comfortable exposing my diaper to people and playing it off as a medical issue. I have doubts people would care or even say anything about it because it’s not like this is high school or junior high or elementary school where kids feel they need to comment on things that are not normal and feel the need to make fun of it. But I am still not comfortable with it.