Where do you draw the line?

I saw a post on Reddit by someone about them seeing a man on a train with a capcon badge and drinking from a bottle and dressed up as an AB wearing Mickey Mouse and had a pacifier with him. Everyone in the thread seemed all cool with it when in the past this had always been frowned upon. I asked what had changed. I got a bunch of answers but the thing is, there are kids everywhere. On the train, in stores, in parks, and they can still see it even if you were not planning on going to any playgrounds or anywhere where you would be expected to see a bunch of kids. Sure the man is minding his own business so does that mean I can wear my LittlesforBig overalls in public or wearing my onesiesdownunder overalls in public? Can I also wear a pacifier clipped to my shirt or wear it at home now even with my kids and my parents around? Where is the line drawn for being an AB in public?

When I would arrive to the munch here, I would be covered up and then take off my jacket or whatever I had on exposing my AB outfit. Had I been doing it wrong the whole time?

Of course when you ask any question on Reddit, it is always downvoted. I have been downvoted almost every time I have asked a question and I have seen it happen to others so I know it’s a unwritten thing on Reddit, downvote any question you see than answering. Surprisingly my first question didn’t get downvoted, if it did, it didn’t go to 0 points but my next question got 0 points.

One thought on “Where do you draw the line?

  1. Sadly, you are right. You should see the shit going on at KIK. All social media are accessible by children and KIK was created primarily for teens. I have been fighting a losing battle. Anything that consenting adults engage in is within the code of behavior as long as it remains private and not taken into the public domain. However, there are two circumstances that can explain the behavior you describe. People under the influence of drugs that lower inhibitions and common sense or, what you are reading is not actual reality but fantasy written from the perspective of someone engaged in that behavior. Frankly, 80% of content/posts I see are fiction not reality. Reddit is the worst offender particularly subreddits.
    Ultimately, the crossing the line behaviors will be the end of social media.

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