ABDL a curse?

I see it as a curse. Maybe not everyone does but I do and here is why.

It’s not something we choose and diapers are still stigmatized and ABDL still is not accepted and understood to the whole world. Plus when liking diapers as a kid, you have to deal with it yourself and hide the urges and deal with the intrusive thoughts about it. It can be so strong you resort to stealing them whenever they are available. It can be at a friend’s house or nursing home or day care or anyone’s house where there are baby or adult diapers. Some even go as far taking used ones out of trash cans. I was always too grossed out putting on any used ones that were not mine so I never took it that far but I used to look but don’t take. I also used to stare at baby’s butts and crotches and envy them but I had to stop doing it in high school because it was starting to feel creepy. People were starting to think I was a young adult was why and I didn’t want to be a pedophile. Of course I knew then I wasn’t going to abuse them and I didn’t want to fuck them but I was already aware that is what pedophiles do with kids when they like them, they stare at them wrong so I thought it was making me one so it was making me uncomfortable to even look at their crotches and butts. Now I don’t take notice because I wear them now. I also don’t find myself staring at an adult if they have a bulge because I don’t care if they have a diaper on or not. I always think if people care so much who is wearing a diaper so they take their time to look at peoples crotches and butts and they can tell who is wearing one, they must be in the closet ABDLs and I bet if they just put one on and accept it in themselves, problem solved and they will stop staring at them down there and stop trying to look. But if you live in a situation where you can’t wear them, this is why I call it a curse so you are stuck with these intrusive thoughts.

Then there are the relationships and you are dating and you can’t just wear a diaper any time you want because your partner might not accept it. You would have to do it whenever he/she isn’t around and I have read stories where people have been forced to stop wearing them so a binge and purge cycle they do. I also think it makes it harder to find a partner because of this. It’s either you compromise or you will have a harder time finding someone so it makes it a challenge.

Sure when you are a woman, you can just date ABDL guys and only worst thing that can happen is breaking up because you are both not compatible. But as a guy, it’s harder to just date ABDL women. I’ve seen guys only trying to meet female ABDLs and instead they always come off as creeps so they are better off dating vanillas too but then there is always the risk of not being accepted and can’t go 24/7 or just wear whenever they want. I have seen lot of posts online by guys talking about their struggles of being ABDL and getting their partner to accept it or not being able to wear whenever they want so they have to wait when she isn’t around.

I would not wish this on anyone, not even on my kids. Everyone tells me I just got lucky so I am the exception here. So I stopped thinking that anyone can just find someone who will accept this in them and that they can just go find another ABDL to marry.

I do see it as a curse because no one chooses to like diapers and if it were a choice, then lot of us would have just quit and never go back to them and not even think about it. I think our lives would have been a lot easier. What makes it hard is just the lack of acceptance and how taboo diapers are and the stigma on them. I would say incontinence would also be a curse too and thank god I don’t have it. I have read their posts on their forums and it doesn’t sound fun. If I were to stop wearing 24/7, I would just be going to the bathroom a lot and using the toilet whenever I see one than being sorry.

2 thoughts on “ABDL a curse?

  1. Actually you are confusing a common medical condition with a sexual fetish. Incontinence is a medical diagnosis and has nothing to do with ab/dl fetishism. Somewhere you have taken a wrong turn and have no understanding and are unable to see or distinguish one from the other. I felt that it is very odd to see you creating a blog for a sexual fetish when nothing contained in the blog is relevant. You need counseling and treatment for a medical problem and need to stop posting here. Very strange.

    • I never implied IC wasn’t a medical issue. Sorry if I might not have been clear. ABDL is a fetish but that is always debatable in the community. It’s not something we choose either. Lot of us didn’t pick to be into it and most of us have liked diapers since childhood. Maybe lot of us need counseling. 😉

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