Trolls on Reddit

There are lot of fake stories on Reddit and people there tend to go through someone’s post history and catch them in their lie and call them out on it in a humorous way. “I see you were 15 years old six months ago and now you have a 13 year old son” and they link to the source to show everyone the story is fake.

There was on particular person on there who decided to post a AMA thread about “her incontinence.” My online friend showed me that thread and wanted me to ask “her” some curious questions so I did. Here is the thread that person had posted they had now deleted:

And this this where I post my questions and I get insulted and accused of having motives.

Now this person sounded very genuine and I thought “she” had scared people off because no one had asked her anything else after her response towards me and even my online friend was puzzled and confused just as I was. My online friend assumed she meant because I am ABDL, she thought I wanted her to write details so I could jack off to her story. But she also told me my username was creepy too in her edit and removeddit doesn’t show that part. If you want to read any deleted posts in a thread, just go to the url on the page and add in “emov” between the R and the E and it will tale you to all the deleted comments. Sometimes they are not all there because some comments are deleted too quickly for them to be archived and sometimes not all the comments load for some reason but it works most of the time.

I was upset about it at first because I have always been accused of different things since childhood like teachers thought I was manipulative and who knows why. Maybe it was because I had inconsistent behavior because I would copy people or because I lived in the moment and online I have gotten different accusations. I real life I don’t get accusations anymore because I don’t go out and interact with people so that never happens anymore. All my interactions are online.

But “she” finally deleted her thread and I thought she didn’t like the questions she was getting anymore and you can tell in the photos, some other questions were “creepier” than mine and I get attacked and those other people don’t. My online friend said if “she” was also screening their post history before answering their questions.

But then I decided to see if she had really deleted her account or just that thread so I looked her name up by replacing my name with hers to my profile url and her profile popped up and she had posted again but this time in ABDL.

Now this time “she” was posing as a curious DL that is thinking about going to the airport in a messy diaper and going through TSA. I then realized something was up and this didn’t add up. How does a after school teacher and a college student fly a lot? And why would an IC person be asking this question, surely if she flew a lot she has probably been there lot of times and also she would have mentioned she is IC but failed to. Also why would a ABDL be so opposed to the word diaper and call my questions creepy and say I have motives? Also she said she took odor pills to hide the smell so why would this need to be asked? I took a screen shot of this thread thinking “she” might delete it again and I am thinking the person behind the name will make random threads on diapers and then deletes them when they get bored. I don’t even know if this user is even a girl now and even incontinent. I did call her out and linked to the thread where she insulted me and I got upvotes. As a result, the person deletes their thread and no response to my post.

I think this is definitely a troll here and they just delete their comment history while 13 year olds fail to delete theirs because they don’t think people will go through their profile. I even think this person here has created other threads in the past related to diapers and has deleted them.

I am so over the accusation now because this was just a troll and not a real person.