I sometimes wonder if my ex was a pedophile

He was always so obsessed with pedophilia and being called one by his ex and always being worried about people thinking he is a pedophile.

Back then I just thought he was being a worried nut and I still supported him and kept reassuring him he wasn’t one. I kept reminding him I was a 21 year old woman, not a child.

He just loved calling anyone a pedophile and telling me if I do this or that, people will think I am a pedophile. I always told him “if someone thinks that, they’re an idiot.” Now I think that is what he probably thinks of others so he was just projecting.

I didn’t think anything when he got a crush on this 15 year old girl on Wrongplanet and saved a photo of her she posted on that forum. He was telling me how people would think you’re a pedophile if you have pictures of kids on your computer. But he had it on his laptop and would look at it and I thought “well just as long as he isn’t fucking her and trying to have sex with her or date her, he isn’t a pedophile.”

He also loved calling lot of ABDLs a pedophile and there was a user on the old xsorbit story forum that was ran by Elizabeth, Winz, and Lil Vickie and this one member there had a black and white photo of a small child, a toddler and he said he was a pedophile. Now I am laughing as I write this because lot of people have kids as their avatars, I’ve had my infant son as my avatar because I was so proud to be a mother finally and thought he was so cute. I have even used Michelle Tanner as my avatar for another forum when I was binge watching Full House. Everyone likes Michelle. I guess we’re all pedophiles bwahaha.

When I found her Facebook page in 2015, she was obsessing about pedophilia and always posted how much she hates them. Now many people hate pedophiles but how many of us spend our time hating on them and posting how much we hate them? I am betting those who waste all their energy posting how much they hate them must be in the closest pedophiles and they are so insecured about themselves. Same as when they go around calling everyone a pedophile for what they wear or what photo they use or what things they like or what they enjoy doing that are childish activities or what they see as childish and being so self conscious about themselves about any activity they do or who they are with.

But there is no concrete evidence if my ex was a pedophile or not. It would be so Jerry of me to just say she is a pedophile. But I wonder if there are any pedophiles out there that hate other pedophiles so they constantly post on social media about how much they hate pedophiles.

I had this thought digging at me so I just had to write this down.