Got busted

I was in one of my moods again and posted a hilarious thread making fun of the word privilege by feminists and it didn’t go the way I expected but then it was starting to go the way I expected it. Maybe I should have saved this thread for April 1st. But anyway the veil slipped and Elfy had to ruin the fun by locking it and had humor at the end. But at least he or she got it right about the word privilege.

One of my other jokes in that thread was if feminists were going to write an article about distance privilege because my aunt and uncle and cousin and her husband and son all went to Australia for cheap because they flew from Hawaii. Only $400 round trip per person.

After all doesn’t privilege mean having advantages? Everyone has advantages and disadvantages that come with it so that means everyone has privilege.

I honestly don’t mind the word privilege, it only bothers me when it gets used to invalidate other peoples problems and issues just because they have privilege. This video sums it up:

Was I really having a political rant? I never thought about it. I just saw it as me having a sense of humor so I thought of ABDL privilege. I can drink Red Bulls and not worry about having to pee again so quickly because I can just go. Just imagine what a disadvantage non diaper wearing people would have? After all, that is how I see the word get used so I have been finding different privileges out there.

I sometimes wonder if my ex was a pedophile

He was always so obsessed with pedophilia and being called one by his ex and always being worried about people thinking he is a pedophile.

Back then I just thought he was being a worried nut and I still supported him and kept reassuring him he wasn’t one. I kept reminding him I was a 21 year old woman, not a child.

He just loved calling anyone a pedophile and telling me if I do this or that, people will think I am a pedophile. I always told him “if someone thinks that, they’re an idiot.” Now I think that is what he probably thinks of others so he was just projecting.

I didn’t think anything when he got a crush on this 15 year old girl on Wrongplanet and saved a photo of her she posted on that forum. He was telling me how people would think you’re a pedophile if you have pictures of kids on your computer. But he had it on his laptop and would look at it and I thought “well just as long as he isn’t fucking her and trying to have sex with her or date her, he isn’t a pedophile.”

He also loved calling lot of ABDLs a pedophile and there was a user on the old xsorbit story forum that was ran by Elizabeth, Winz, and Lil Vickie and this one member there had a black and white photo of a small child, a toddler and he said he was a pedophile. Now I am laughing as I write this because lot of people have kids as their avatars, I’ve had my infant son as my avatar because I was so proud to be a mother finally and thought he was so cute. I have even used Michelle Tanner as my avatar for another forum when I was binge watching Full House. Everyone likes Michelle. I guess we’re all pedophiles bwahaha.

When I found her Facebook page in 2015, she was obsessing about pedophilia and always posted how much she hates them. Now many people hate pedophiles but how many of us spend our time hating on them and posting how much we hate them? I am betting those who waste all their energy posting how much they hate them must be in the closest pedophiles and they are so insecured about themselves. Same as when they go around calling everyone a pedophile for what they wear or what photo they use or what things they like or what they enjoy doing that are childish activities or what they see as childish and being so self conscious about themselves about any activity they do or who they are with.

But there is no concrete evidence if my ex was a pedophile or not. It would be so Jerry of me to just say she is a pedophile. But I wonder if there are any pedophiles out there that hate other pedophiles so they constantly post on social media about how much they hate pedophiles.

I had this thought digging at me so I just had to write this down.

Thinking about taking a break from social media

If anyone has been following my blog or knows me, they know my ex was a jerk and treated me poorly and compared ABDL to pedophilia and the way he treated me was awful.

So when this person posted about ABDLs being pedophiles, that totally triggered me and set me on flashbacks and brought back all the hurt feelings and seeing people defending her made me angrier because how can anyone accept this and find it okay to be called a pedophile? They acted like it was nothing like taking a cookie from a cookie jar.

I also posted about the drama on ADISC and it got shut down fast and the reason was to avoid drawing attention to that person for their trolling and/or because they are suicidal.

Then I see another thread and it’s all about being happy this drunk driver killed a Nazi on the road and someone retweeted it saying how no one was hurt. Apparently a Nazi isn’t human but someone who thinks we’re pedophiles is? What is wrong with this logic? What if that Nazi had a mental illness, would people still be defending them? Would they still be excused for their Nazism? What about for their Racism? Homophobia? Transphobia?

So I just knew I better take a break so I can stop being triggered and have my hands shaking and my chest hurting.

Congratulations this person had drew so much attention and hated it lmao. Oh and she also apologized but it was a crappy one because she never apologized for causing so much pain and distress in us and it was all about her. Talk about narcissism. They just can’t accept any responsibility.

Very well played Jerry. Anyone who posts about their suicide and asks about how they shall kill themselves is doing it for attention and to play with your emotions so you feel bad and then she got pissed when she didn’t get that ammo. I only regret not reporting those posts and that poll. People who are her apologists are her flying monkies and got manipulated. Anyone can be toxic. I just learned that blocking someone doesn’t always solve the problem because the issue is still there. People will be talking about it, reposing about it, etc. and the hurt feelings will still be there. I bet blocking apologists wouldn’t solve the problem either.

I need a break and I will try and stay away until next month and hope this all blows over. It seems like everyone else has moved on because it all died down and I am only being triggered now by unrelated posts. I just hate double standards. People say you’re horrible if you don’t care if someone is dead but yet this is totally fine with another person if they are a Nazi.

A crazy thing happened on Twitter yesterday

So a ABDL furry had decided we were all pedophiles and decided to throw her friends under the bus for being ABDL. She even said she was leaving the community. ABDLs called her out on it for her ignorance and she was even blocking people too for disagreeing with her and she then got upset she was losing her followers. She even claimed she was being harassed just because people were disagreeing with her and then she was suicidal and even did the suicide poll and got upset people even voted. Pathetic right?

But anyway I felt pissed she would play peoples emotions and congratulations she got the attention. Someone even had to call her local police and she was pissed about that too and she was apparently taken away and attempted suicide. Just because people called her out and didn’t take her suicide poll seriously? Just because people didn’t know her gender? I didn’t know her gender either so I was calling her they, someone, person, and whatsoever and then I thought it was a he when someone called her a he and other people were calling her a she. She didn’t even have it listed in her bio either she was mtf or her/she and expecting people to just know your pronouns without having them listed makes you a moron. Thinking people are misgendering someone on purpose makes you a moron.

This whole thing was crazy because someone decided to insult the whole community and then play the victim and then people were standing up for her despite that they got insulted by her.

I hope this will be a lesson for her to not slander people and call people a pedophile. I had never seen someone act this way over being called out for their ignorance.

I blocked her for her hateful comment and how anyone can just sit there and just let themselves be insulted by her is astounding because they were standing up for her despite that they were thrown under the bus by her. I honestly wish this would happen more often, every time someone calls us a pedophile, pile up on that person and if they can’t handle it, don’t call us a pedophile. No, I am not going to be considerate of their feelings or consider if they could be vulnerable if they will be calling us a pedophile. The moment you call us a pedophile is when I lose all my respect for you and I don’t care what you do or what happens to you. If you’re truly suicidal, not my concern because you called me a pedophile. You playing with my emotions is not going to work.

People who talk about suicide like this are attention seekers and trying to get sympathy or make you feel bad. Apparently she did attempt suicide. But still telling me you are suicidal when we disagree isn’t going to work and I will just turn the other way because I will not be manipulated.

I am also coming up with my own meme, Jerry. There is already a Karen and a Susan so why not Jerry? Jerry will be a meme I will use for ABDL bigots. I will also be blocking them on twitter too every time I see a Jerry and see how many jerries can block me when I tweet their anti ABDL shit and see how many of their apologists block me too.