Things I have noticed with my weight loss pt. 2

1. You start to feel like a little kid when you feel your shoulders and your back and see your back in the mirror

2. Happiness, you notice you feel better inside about yourself

3. You start counting calories and wanting to know the servings size

4. You decide to eat less to save more so money becomes your excuse for self control

5. You start filling your breakfast bowl halfway with cereal and pouring milk only halfway in the cereal. No more to the top because what a waste of food and waste of milk

6. You can’t work out on your back anymore on hard floors,

you need to lay on something soft now

7. You learn about fatlogic and now you can’t stand to hear it

8. You get annoyed when people tell you how they wish they can look good as you but then they turn down your food advice and get annoyed with your food policing. Just shut up about my body then and your “envy” about my body if you have no intention of doing anything about yours.

9. You learn to eat half of the restaurant food on your plate and take the rest home

10. You start to practice intuitive eating

11. You realize you are not a real woman anymore because of all the “real women have curves” body shaming stuff you see online

12. You feel

whenever you see anyone accusing any athlete or fitness person or anyone showing some ribs or any skinny person of having an eating disorder or being underweight even though they don’t look like this:

13. “You have fast Metabolism.”

You feel every time you hear this and you want to scream