Things I have noticed with my weight loss

1. I get cold more often and 65 degrees AC is too cold for me.

2. I can’t fold my arms comfortable anymore. I can feel my rib cage and my hip bones.

3. I have to be careful when my knees touch or when I am in bed, I have to keep my legs spread and be careful with my arms so I am not hitting my rib cage or my hips.

4. I can feel the top of my butt bone now

5. I can feel my thigh bone now when I press on my thighs.

6. I can feel my butt bones now.

7. I can feel my tail bone pressing on my diaper when I work out and feel my hip bones press on the sides of my diaper when I lay down.

8. I have noticed gaps in my tummy and the skin looks pinched in

9. My tummy sink in when I lay down

10. I can see my top chest bones above my breasts

11. I can grab my skin on my tummy anymore and I can barely grab any and it hurts if anyone does it. I used to play with it and now I can’t anymore.

12. My tummy no longer hangs when on all fours

13. I can wear low rise jeans now without feeling fat and disgusted with my belly

14. Clothes feel different on me, I can feel them more

15. 90 degree heat feels weird on my body, it’s hot but yet I am not hot.

16. I can see my shoulder bones

17. I can see my back bones and my whole entire rib cage when I stretch my body

18. I can sometimes see my rib cage depending on how I stand or sit.

19. It’s uncomfortable to lean back in hard chairs. I can feel my back bones.

20. Diapers have gotten big on me, tabs too close together, the rise is too high, I undergrew out of the Bambinos because I no longer liked the fit and they don’t have a size small and they were leaking on me. But I hear the absorbency has decreased so maybe it’s not my weight then.

21. I can put my hands around my upper legs

22. I can feel my butt bone when I sit on hard surfaces depending on how I am sitting

23. There isn’t much of a belly roll when I sit or lean forward or bend down.

24. My son now loves to rub my back because he likes how my back feels because he likes feeling all my bones and he says it relaxes him.

25. I feel sick if I eat too much so I don’t eat much at all. Even a McDonalds hamburger will fill me up and then I will feel I ate too much because how my stomach feels. So I order small meals and I rather have my husband order large fries to split them with me. I order small in everything.

26. The skinny shaming comments; “Oh you look anorexic”-my dad. “you have an eating disorder”-my mother “you look unhealthy skinny”-my online friend so I didn’t speak to him for a few days.

27. Jeans feel real loose around my waist when I sit.

28. Some of my pants had started falling down and wouldn’t stay up.

29. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable when I am sitting and my rest my arms on my lap because of my hip bones my arms are resting on.

30. I have had to readjust my body positions when I lay down or sit because of my bones.

31. I have to eat junk food just to keep my weight on or else I am like that guy in Thinner where he can’t stop losing weight no matter how much he eats. I feel like him sometimes when I don’t have junk food. I will lose weight. I just love my sweets. Without them, I would lose weight because I prefer sweets than real food.

32. I have less body curves. Sometimes it looks like I have none.

33. I got a thigh gap now

34. My thighs don’t stick out as far.

35. My stretch marks are now in the middle of my upper leg where my thighs are because of weight loss. They used to be on the side.

36. I still look fat. I still look big in my photos, ugh the fat thighs and legs and my skin fold at the back of my rib cage so it looks like a body roll. My husband says it’s not and that is just skin. Then it’s gone depending on how I stand or sit and when I stretch.