Messy diaper between schools

I took my son to school when the urge started to hit but the feeling wasn’t very strong. When I got very close to my house, the urge became painful and then the pain went away.

The pain hit me again while I was giving my daughter a bath and this time it came out and I wasn’t trying to hold it in. I’ve thought about taking my diaper off right when I got home to poop but since the diaper was already wet and the stuff inside it would probably fall out of place because it’s a Molicare, I kept it on and just pooped in it. I gave it a push too without squatting or grunting. Then I peed again and I told my daughter I was going back to my room to get dressed while she plays in the tub.

I went in my room and took some photos and got changed. It took lot of baby wipes but you can never not have too much of them if you wear them 24/7 and use your diapers for both. Because I don’t have a mirror, I just use my phone to see my butt to be sure I got it all. Then I put rash cream on where I felt sores and used a clean wipe to wipe the cream off my finger. Then I put on a fresh Molicare and tied my jacket around my waist to keep my diaper from showing since the pants I had on were falling down. They were my mom’s 30 years ago and then she gave them to me ten years later. They have a tie in the waist but I had put them on backwards because of the tag is in the front so I thought it was the back. I didn’t want to take my shoes off just to turn my pants around. They used to not fall on me but now they do, even with thick diapers. I have some pairs that fall down on me but don’t with thick diapers.

I am still getting these cramps but they are not that bad. I thought I was on my period but there is no blood so I don’t know what is going on. Maybe I am just getting sick. My period and poopy cramps feel the same so I can’t tell between the two and even labor felt that way too right before I had my kids. The only difference was they would come and go at consistent times so I knew it was contractions and the fact the pain was getting worse and the pain was getting closer and closer together and lasting consistent minutes and I waited when they were very close together before coming in.

My system is just full of shit right now. (pun intended)