Something I can confirm between UK baby diapers and US baby diapers

I tried Pampers size 8 and they stay on me no problem. I don’t need to use any tape to hold it together and the tabs go further on the diaper than on the sides only where the parent pulls on when putting the diaper on.

I am trying a Pampers Cruises size 7, the new version without Sesame Street characters and the side ripped off again like it did with a size 6. But the other side is staying together but the other side ripped out of the diaper. I just looked and the other side is starting to come out but I am going to take this diaper off soon anyway since I’ve already peed in it.

When I tried Cruisers size 7 back in 2007, the sides never ripped off and they were very tight and dug into my side and the tab would pop off sometimes, not rip. I gave them away on Craigslist because I didn’t find it worth to keep wearing them and I was full of fatlogic then too, I didn’t think I could lose any weight and that I had slow metabolism.

I have lost weight so they should fit me better so I can conclude, the size 7s did get smaller as some ABDLs have said. I can also confirm the sides that attach to the diaper are weak since the sides never rip off the UK pampers size 8 when the tabs eventually slip off and I have to readjust it over time.

So it’s the diaper, not my size that is causing it to rip and the size 7’s have been made smaller indeed.

I do have UK Pampers size 7 and will try those soon to see how they hold compare to a size 8.

I also hear size 7’s in the UK are bigger than US size 7s and that there have never been a true size 7s in the US since they are smaller. I can confirm they are weaker too.

I also hear Goodnites have gotten smaller too but have not worn any since 2007. I still have an unopened pack of them from 2006 because I never got rid of them and I had them boxed away with my husband’s things when we moved in together. Then I found them again years later when I was packing when we were moving into a house. I am thinking of trying some again.

I notice without any of my normal diapers, these size 8 black pants I have on are big on me because they keep falling down my hips and are real loose around it and my waist.