Luvs, vs Cruisers, vs Safeway Select

So far I have tried all three diapers.

Pampers Cruisers:

The sides stretch to barely fit me and I use tape to keep it together so the tabs won’t pop off. Technically they are too small and don’t fit but lot of ABDLs will say they fit into baby diapers when they mean they can get them on but they don’t say how long they stay on for without doing anything else with them and if the sides rip eventually or if they are tight or if they dig into their sides. So photos of adults wearing one mean nothing.

The sides hold well and they have torn twice on me after hours of wear. The padding doesn’t go all the way up in the back.

The tabs are a bit uncomfortable because they feel scratchy on my skin.


The sides are shorter and not very stretchy. They pop right off after a couple of minutes and even tape won’t hold it. The sides dig into my side and the tabs are very scratchy. I must say I cut the tabs off and wore it inside my tru Fit.

Length: They are a a couple CM longer than the Cruisers

Padding: They go all the way up the back.

Stretch: They stretch the furthest than the other two. The sides just suck but yet they are the cheapest diapers so what do I expect.

Safeway Select:

Length: A but longer than Cruisers

Stretch: The sides are stretchier than Luvs and they don’t pop right off

Padding: They go further up than Cruisers but not quite as far as Luvs.

Sides: The tabs have not bothered me and the sides don’t dig into me. They held better the most than the other two and the sides were ripping but still held together.

So there you go, each baby diaper is different. I still want to try size 7s to see how they fit and it’s crazy how some other ABDLs can manage to get them on and fit them better than me but maybe body type has to do with it. For most of us, they will fit us like thong. Photos can be manipulated so anyone can take a photo of themselves in a baby diaper and shoot it at an angle making it look like it fits them well. I did that on my Twitter page with the Safeway diaper to show how you can manipulate the photos by shooting it at an angle to make it look like it fits you like a real diaper. Also the people who take these photos are not saying how the diaper feels on them and how long it lasts before it falls off and how the sides hold for how long. I think they are just for a show and I think anyone who claims they fit them well is lying unless they are a dwarf or very short people like 4 foot 6 or a dying anorexic where they look like they have been inside the Holocaust. But I wonder if any of them still would have fit into them because of their bone structure. Photos can be photo shopped to make it look like the diaper fits them better.

One man on youtube made a video of him putting on a vintage Luvs size 6 diaper from the late 90’s and he put it on and it fit him well but someone in the comments could see he did a trick in the video. The man eventually fessed up and said the video was a joke and he did to a trick in it. Camera tricks and clever editing he said.

Here is the video:

It looks like he used a plain white adult diaper and had stuffers inside of it and he somehow put one tab on each side. It could have been one of those old Pampers looking adult diapers that are shaped like a rectangle and they have one tab on each side. You can get the picture labels printed off the computer and put them on your diaper. He even said in the description it’s a comedic twist.

Edit: I must add after I wrote all this, I decided to mess with the right side of the Safeway diaper and the front end ripped off. I like adult diapers better and too bad AB ones are expensive. At least I don’t ever have to worry about if the sides will ever pop off or rip. Baby diapers are not made for adults, they are made for small kids and adult diapers hold a lot more than baby ones for an adult. I guess I will have better luck with these baby diapers and other times, not so much luck.