I’m going to be gone again

I am going out to Montana this weekend and will be gone all next week. I have been packing games onto my 3DS systems from the clone shop some people like to call it. There are rumors going around that it will be the end of it due to Nintendo updating their servers to know what game tickets are real or fake. But just to be safe, I am downloading games for it. I knew something like this could happen because technology always gets better and Nintendo will keep trying to stop it with their system updates and they have probably finally figured it out. It could now be that when you enter the eshop, it removes all your piracy games like it does for the DLC and themes so that would mean stay out of the eshop. So there’s that. But that only happens when you have a Nintendo Network ID. But with the new update, it wouldn’t matter, the eshop service would be detecting fake tickets or real ones. Each game has a ticket when you buy it and download it. That is what they call it. I haven’t updated my CFW systems yet even though I now hear it’s safe. Within hours, Luma got updated to support the new update but Nintendo isn’t done yet I hear. These are rumors so far but just to be safe, I am downloading as many games as I can before I leave for Montana. But then that means I can’t try and put anymore custom firmware on the card but I can always buy a bigger SD card and have it be a sandisk. Those have never failed me. I will make sure it says ultra. I have never bothered trying to put other firmware on it.

I also got Pampers Cruisers size 6. I had lost weight so I decided to try them and I can use them in my Tru Fit underwear if they don’t fit. They barely fit but they were tight and the fronts eventually ripped off the diaper so I had to use tape and they held. Now I want to try a size 7 but lot of stores don’t carry them and it’s interesting that it shows an older kid on the package than a toddler. I decided I could take them to Montana because they are more discreet and I can still wear adult diapers for more absorbance. I know Pampers Cruisers will not hold up on a big wetting for an adult, especially at night and for pee laying down. They are only for discreet and it just means change more frequently. I actually wore the Cruisers to work and I was going to change but one of my co workers was in the break room so I held off. But then I ended up with a wet spot on my pants. Then I changed as I was leaving and I got to throw the diaper away in the restroom because they will just think a baby wore it when they empty out the trash the following day. Then I stuffed a Huggies size 4 in my Tru Fit and I have already peed in it. Though the packages say 12 hours, I know that is only for a toddler, not for someone my size because I am much bigger. And I doubt lot of parents are going to leave their kids in the same diaper for 12 hours unless they are that poor.

My kids are already there and they forgot to bring some things like shampoo and tooth brushes so I am bringing those there with me. My aunt also wants to come so I will be picking her up and going there together. My husband will be staying here with his parents and I would like him to take over my Disney Magic Kingdoms game because of the event that will be going on and I want him to watch two videos a day for one free gem each and to claim a daily prize to keep my streak so I can get streak prizes. He doesn’t have to do the game all day. It’s a matter of coming back when the characters are finish and checking the attractions for the event coins and using those to buy characters or concessions stands or attractions and earning points to get the major prize. I just hope he will do it for me. He has been helping me keep up on the leadership board while I would be at work and it would be every two hours or four depending on the event.